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 Star Nation Teachings - Twisted Hairs

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The "Twisted Hairs" were traditional Native American Elders that
came from many different tribes from all over North, South and Central
America which was called Turtle Island. A Twisted Hair Warrior was
also, usually, a Elder and respected Medicine Man or Woman, Shaman or
Sorcerer (defined from Toltec meaning, not as our society defines
"sorcerers as those involved with black magic), and was a member of
his/her particular tribe's "secret" medicine society or magical lodge.
They were considered to be a Man/Woman of Power and Knowledge. What
separated a Twisted Hair from a Traditional Medicine person was
his/her ability and desire to seek knowledge from all sources. These
men/women were not content to accept blindly the limitations of their
tribes' traditional teachings and chose, instead, to travel and seek
knowledge from every direction of the wheel of life in order to find
their Center and come into alignment with the Spirit.

In our people's language, the hair symbolized knowledge and,
therefore, a"Twisted Hair" was one who "wove" knowledge from all
sources into his/her Path with Heart and made it his/her knowledge.
Twisted Hairs learned to utilize every available resource around them
in accordance with the Great Laws. In this way, they became Rainbow
Warriors and began to meet with each other, sit in council and
exchange openly their various sources of knowledge. At a very
historical metting in 1224 in Oaxaca, Mexico, they met and banded
together into a very secret Medicine society and named themselves
the Twisted Hairs Medicine Society of the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance.
Their "Council of Elders" came to a agreement for membership and
established a Circle of Law to help facilitate the sharing of their
combined knowledge with anyone whose primary reason for chosing a
physical body was for the purpose of seeking knowledge to eventually
become enlightened, and to learn to become a human being who touched
himself/herself, life, and others with Beauty.

As a part of this process, these Elders set up a series of
Ceremonial"Gateways" and Warrior Tasks to teach the "seeker of
knowledge" to become self-reliant and self-actualizing. The seekers
learned to flow with the constant changing energy of the Everything in
a harmonious way. They learned to stay centered in the midst of total
chaos and how to follow the Sacred Laws.In essence, they learned to
"Walk their Talk" and touch the world in Beauty as they sought
knowledge in the great vision quest called Life.
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Star Nation Teachings - Twisted Hairs
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