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PostSubject: VISIONS   Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:49 pm

In 1981 I had my second vision and it was a vision that referenced this particular forum, the force is within you.

I was laying in my bed and the vision came on to me and my eyes were open but yet I still saw the vision in my head with open eyes. This type of vision is called an open vision.

I was in a wheel chair and I was a young boy. The young boy had ugly sores all over his body and looked real sick. Also I was pushing the wheel chair, but as an adult just as I look now.

As I was rolling along in the chair, and pushing the chair, there were about 200 people walking along with me on either side and just behind me and we were all in one group and I was right in the middle of the picture in the middle of the scene.

I pushed the chair to a certain spot/place and as the chair came to a stop, another me as I look right now walked into the scene and laid hands on the sick crippled boy/me and prayed and the boy was healed instantly and that was the end of the vision.

And when I looked down at my body laying on the bed when the vision was over, I had both of my hands laying on my mid section and I was saying out loud, be healed in the name of Y'shua Messiah.

At that time in my life there was absolutely nothing wrong with my health and I was very healthy.

I come to learn later, that anytime you see your self in a dream or vision in 3 different ways, then that means that the vision is from the spirit of God to you. as the number 3 in my number system always means the spirit.

The boy/me in the chair could not walk. I got a progressive hip disease 10 years ago, and prayed about it for 10 years to be healed, with no success. Until last year which by the way was just after I joined this forum, I got my healing to my hip disease, and the way I got it was like this. I said what the Bible said to do, "To call those things that be not as though they were" and I became healed by speaking the correct way. By saying I am healed, and acting accordingly.

The reason I was a young boy in the vision is because the Bible says that to enter the kingdom of God you must be child like/innocent in your thoughts towards others.

Since then I can walk just fine with no more pain, and before the healing I could only walk 50 feet at a time with great pain and having to stop for a while until the pain left.

And the group of people around me in the dream must be the group of people that are on this forum because I have no other groups that I hang out with. So the vision was also about this forum even though the vision was several years before computers became available.

Also as I was praying in the vision about my healing back in 81, and there is no such thing as time in the spirit realm, then my speaking to be healed back in 81 was to manifest my healing last year while frequenting this forum in our concept of time here in 2009.

Call those things that be not as though they were, to change your matrix as well.

I hope others will tell their vision here on this thread.
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