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 Ken Wilber - Levels of Consciousness

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PostSubject: Ken Wilber - Levels of Consciousness   Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:59 pm

"An extensive data search among various types of developmental and evolutionary sequences yielded a `four quadrant' model of consciousness and its development (the four quadrants being intentional, behavioural, cultural, and social). Each of these dimensions was found to unfold in a sequence of at least a dozen major stages or levels. Combining the four quadrants with the dozen or so major levels in each quadrant yields an integral theory of consciousness that is quite comprehensive in its nature and scope. This model is used to indicate how a general synthesis and integration of twelve of the most influential schools of consciousness studies can be effected, and to highlight some of the most significant areas of future research. The conclusion is that an `all-quadrant, all-level' approach is the minimum degree of sophistication that we need into order to secure anything resembling a genuinely integral theory of consciousness".

For the introduction and the Four Corners of the Kosmos GO HERE

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PostSubject: Re: Ken Wilber - Levels of Consciousness   Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:08 am

A real nice article about consciousness Reunite. Thanks for the link. I did not read it all because it is so long, but i read through it, flash style, bits and pieces throughout the whole thing, but I got the jest of what is being talked about.

I wonder how long it will be now that they know this much until they start screwing with the actual living charts that are in our skulls and start trying to rearrange them for their purpose.

The video is also very good and shows how smart Ken Wilbur is.
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Ken Wilber - Levels of Consciousness
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