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PostSubject: BLOOD MOONS   Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:25 am

Blood moons are mentioned in the scriptures. these lunar eclipses are spoken of in several places as "the moon shall turn to blood". When this phrase is spoken, it is in regard to signs and seasons in prophecies.

this is what is called, "a figure of speech", in the Old Testament they are called "Hebraisms", or meaning figures of speech. this is the way God has chosen to speak about the red moons, by using figures of speech.

standing alone, these red moons/blood moons mean nothing, but being used in scripture in regard to prophecies is important for those people that study Gods word on a regular basis. these are just another way God uses to bring attention to the prophetic timeclock.

there are 4 blood moons between now and september 28th of the year 2015, and all of these blood moons will be visible especially to the United States, which is a little unusual, enough to get your attention, if you are a Bible student.

the Birthday of Y'shua Messiah is september the 28th, that is when he was born into the earth as a human. for that reason alone these four blood moons are worth noticing as the last one visible on September 28th is the birthday of the Messiah, Y'shua.

also in the book of Genesis, God says that the sun and the Moon are for seasons and for signs to humans.

the blood moons are a natural part of the earth system, so they are not very significant by themselves, but connected to these times we now live in this of course being the "generation of the Fig tree" the last generation they take on a more serious meaning simply because of the times of the end.

God always uses natural things around us for signs to his Children.

there are plenty of websites with this info, but i did not post one here simply because i do not yet know how to save a page that I am reading to post somewhere else??? i know that sounds dumb, but it is true. since I last used a computer with a mouse, years ago, i now have a laptop with the pad on it where you use it like a mouse, but i do not know how to do a left click or a right click to save something? i have found a button at the top right of my tab that opens my browser to where it says, save page as, or cut copy and paste but i am not sure how to copy something or to paste something yet.

Can someone tell me? to copy a website do i highlight it then hit the copy button and if yes, how do I paste it somewhere else???

i am using my laptop this morning to post, so i do not yet know how to use it very well?

and advice will be appreciated.

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