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PostSubject: THE EXPRESSION OF FRUSTRATION   Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:44 am

My elder brother is the owner of the house I rent. This house is a piece of shit, the roof leaks and I have to bail out water to keep the hardwood floors from being destroyed.

My brother thinks because I am his younger brother, he can rule over me, and so we clash very often because of this, so I am going to try to move from here so that I will not be under his control in this rental situation I find myself in.

I am only living here because it is cheap rent.....As I am not wealthy.

I went to pay my rent for the month of November, and they told me I owed an electric bill for 139.50 dollars for the month?? This is a bunch of bullshit as I watch my electric bill very closely, because I live by my self and I use very little electrics, so I told them I am not happy with them ripping me off. I pissed off my older brother and his wife, but you will not steal from me but once, and then I will move.

Please pray for me that I find a place to live where they will not rip me off.
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