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PostSubject: HOW THIS EARTH AGE ENDS   Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:35 am

The scriptures tells us how the end of this earth age will happen, it will happen with everyone changing into their Higher dimensional bodies, from flesh to spirit in the length of time it takes to blink your eye.

God's word also tells in detail what will be going on just before we change into our spiritual dimensional bodies.

The earth has been destroyed twice by water. In the first earth age also called the world that was, was the first water destruction of earth which is recorded in Jeremiah chapter 4. We were all then also in our spiritual bodies like the angels have today, we just do not remember the "world that was" by design so we can be free will beings making independent decisions about our lives that will impact our eternities outcome. Some to eternal life, some to eternal death, that is up to each individual.

The first will be last and the last will be first rule applies here in this situation to all of us. In the "first earth age, the world that was, we had spiritual bodies and in the last earth age starting with the MILLINNIUM to eternity we have spiritual bodies" making the circle complete. The way we started is the way we end up, in bodies like the angels have now. And through this everyone becomes one, united, alike, as we were created at first we will be at last.

The second earth age, the one we live in now, our flesh body 3 dimensional world will undergo great changes just before we change back into spiritual bodies at the very end just before the changeover happens. And the scriptures tell exactly what will happen.

When the Anti-Christ is here and does his thing, it will be right after this 5 month period of the AC, when God says, he will destroy the earth by fire and the evil people that follow the Anti-Christ, this includes all governments as well. This is recorded in 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 7.

3 times in Gods word, he calls himself "a consuming fire" and the earth is reserved to this destruction to wipe away the evil. Deuteronomy 4:11-12 also Deuteronomy 9:3, and the last verse of Hebrews 12:29.

When you read the scriptures you come to an understanding about this "consuming fire". This consuming fire is also the same spirit the Holy Spirit that lives inside of Christian believers, it is the Spirit of the living God, Gods Spirit that made all things using this Spirit, this Spirit is the consuming fire.

You will also see and understanding after reading, that a child of God most High can be standing right next to a very evil person when this happens and the "all consuming fire" of God will burn up the guy that is evil, but the child of God will not even be harmed, at all. This is exactly what the Bible teaches. When God pours out his wrath on the earth just before the dimensional changeover happens, he will burn up all of the evil "ELEMENTS" on the earth, not anything that is a child of God or the child of Gods property.

God is so in control, he can do this on an individual basis without ever hurting anyone that loves God.

This is what will be going on right at the end, just before the changeover into the next dimension. All evil will be destroyed.

Does this mean all those people go to hell so to speak? No, they will have the MILLINNIUM in which to be taught and have every opportunity to become a child of God, then if they choose not to want that option, then at the end of the MILLINNIUM they will be marched into the lake of fire with Satan, and then the "Eternity" will begin, without the evil, forever.

And this is the exact thing that is taught in the scriptures about the very end of time.

And this is a true record of how it will happen.
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