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PostSubject: OBSERVATIONS OF LIFE   Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:47 pm

The Bible talks about interpretations of things in everyday common life, and relates these things to us so that we may know and understand what is going on around us at any given time in relation to the signs that we each may or may not see in our own personal lives on a daily basis.

The Bible interprets itself. You cannot interpret the Bible correctly without knowing the interpretation table established by the Bible itself! There is no private interpretation of scripture. Scripture is interpreted through itself. Which means GOD MOST HIGH creates his own interpretation through his word. We must use the interpretation that GOD MOST HIGH gives to his word, that way it cannot be corrupted by individuals.

GOD MOST HIGH says in his word he is "no respecter of persons" which means he will not play favorites with people, regardless of who they might be, poor or rich.

I spoke this background to present this. When I was 5 years old I had my right finger cut off by my friend, another 5 year old, with a hatchet. I got it sewed back on at the hospital, but I have a gimpy looking right index finger to this day?

When I was 7 years old I was run over by a bread truck delivering bread to a store right next to where I lived, and I was riding a bicycle and turned a corner at the same time the bread truck was turning the corner coming the other way. I was not seriously hurt, and I recovered.

I also was bitten by a water moccasin snake when I was 9 years old while swimming in a creek as a child with my brothers. I was the only one bitten?

The point is this. The sign of a snake bite is always Satan attacking you as Satan is always called a snake in the scriptures form Genesis to Revelation.

The bread, the bread truck, is always a type in symbology for Y'shua Messiah as he is the bread of life?

My right index finger being cut off, is symbolic of the right hand, which in scripture is symbolic of working for God Most High, as the right always is symbolic of strength and power of GOD MOST HIGH .

I am not writing this to suggest I am special!! Oh on the contrary, my life has always been extreme, to one degree or another? I did not ask for this, but it happened?

I am only relaying the signs that we all have, if we know what to look for according to scripture, most people do not know what to see, right in front of them?

GOD MOST HIGH provides signs to those that seek. Those that seek know what to look for. That is all this is an observation.

Just like all my 3 brothers were what would be called normal??? LOL. I was never close to that and all my early life I thought I was real screwed up because I was always in trouble???

Signs are nice to see and understand. It is also nice to know what GOD MOST HIGH thanks about things according to what he has written. But there are times when you think you see and understand but you really only have a cursory understanding of what you might think you know???

If I haven't confused you yet please let me know....LOL.

In other words, GOD MOST HIGH will always one up you when you think you have figured something out, he will show you how wrong you are the minute you say "I See".

I think my early life was so severe at times, my writing about it gives me some release....LOL, perhaps it helps me stay sane:fortune teller

The old saying, confession is good for the soul.....?

It turned out later in my life, that GOD MOST HIGH came to me in my house one night and cast out 5 Devils that were in me, so the snake sign when I was 9, was right on for sure. It was also about this time when I became possessed.
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