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PostSubject: EVERYDAY SIGNS    Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:15 am

A few months ago my elder brother went to register the Jeep he was driving. The state gave him new tags, that was a sign to him and his family, but he did not recognize the sign because he was not familiar with GOD MOST HIGH's word concerning end time numbers.

He was given a tag number of 153 and following the number 153 was the letters JJJ. Well JJJ of course refers to JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, what does that mean?

In the scriptures, after the crucifixion of my elder brother, Y'shua Messiah the Bible tells us that Y'shua Messiah went and showed himself to his disciples for 40 days after he was killed. He hung out with his friends the disciples for 40 days after his death.

On one of these occasions, he found his disciples fishing, because they were fishermen for a living, they were common men.

Y'shua Messiah was on the shore of the lake the disciples were fishing in, and he spoke to them and asked them "do you have any fish?" And the disciples did not recognize that it was Y'shua Messiah because GOD MOST HIGH hid his appearance to the disciples, and the disciples said, we have no fish, because the fishing was bad.

Then Y'shua Messiah said to them, cast your net on the right side of the boat! They did what he said, and they caught very many fish. At this same time Peter recognized that is was Y'shua Messiah and he was so excited that he jumped into the water and swam to shore in order to be with his friend and brother Y'shua Messiah.

In the meantime the disciples came into the shore with their net full of fish and the fish were so many that their net almost tore because of the catch, and when they got to the shore they counted the fish and there were 153 large fish.

In Bible prophecy, the number 153 is symbolic of God's Elect, so by listening to Jesus they fulfilled Bible prophecy, and had a great catch of fish, and at the same time they caught GOD's ELECT becoming fishers of men because the scriptures teach that Gods Elect are 153,000 in the fig tree generation of the end times.

So my elder brother's tag number is 153-JJJ which of course is a sign to my brother and his wife that they are part of God's elect but they did not know this until I shared this with them, and because my elder brother is possessed by the devil, he did not care for the idea, but his wife loved the information.

So everyday numbers can tell you a lot, if you are paying attention to your every day circumstances.
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