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PostSubject: DEATH THREATS AND GODS ELECT   Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:06 pm

Who are Gods elect? They are everyday people that have the hand of God Most High upon them. Why?

Because they were chosen from before the foundation of this world age to stand before the Anti-Christ at this time, because God Most High can trust them to do this again in this second Earth age we are now in.

God's elect are not special at all. They are those that fought against Satan in the original "Catabole" in the world that was, the first earth age, we are now in the second earth age.

The word Catabole means the overthrow of Satan in his initial uprising against the mercy seat and the throne of the Most High God, and against all of God's children. This attempted overthrow is the whole and complete story of what this earth age is all about, and why things are as they are, if we think that God Most High is in control of all things.

If you have ever wondered why you were born with no knowledge or understanding of anything that happened to you before you were born in the flesh in this dimension, then that is a real good question you ask?


To see who will follow God Most High, with you and me having free will to decide who we would like to follow? That is the answer of the why, we do not remember anything before we are born. This is a platform, the earth to see just who will follow God Most High, or Satan and the government of the state.

Which side will you believe? Where will you fall in your beliefs, will you believe the flood of lies from the state about your origins, that you came from a monkey, or will you think a little higher than that, and think that you might be unique, one of a kind, created for the distinct pleasure of God Most High.

The attempted overthrow of Gods throne by Satan, is why this world is as it is right now. This is what the Bible teaches, this is not my crazy thoughts, but what this crazy person has learned during my journey.

There can be no doubt, that those called Gods elect, are here today to do there thing,which will bring about the prophecies of the book of Revelation. That is why we can know this knowledge now. That is why our understanding has been opened, and cleared as to what this shit is all about, plus this is what he Bible actually says.

This is spelled out for any and all to see, if you are curious.

The death of Michael Hastings has inspired me to write this, because the Bible says that God's Elect, will be hated by the whole world, and persecuted by the state, in order to shut them up.

But the Bible also says that God Most High will protect those that believe in him, and the state will not be able to harm one hair on the elects head because God will be helping them finish their called job, to speak about the evil that is upon the face of this planet, and point out the Anti-Christ to the whole world, but the world will not believe them, and many will be lost.

It is written, that the whole world will go after Satan, except for a few that Gods elect are able to convince that the Anti-Christ is a fake, and a liar, and do not follow him, as the Holy Spirit will be speaking through the Elect.

At the end of this story, there is the MILLINNIUM in which all those that are deceived by Satan, will be taught by Gods elect the truth, for 1000 years, and then Satan will be loosed again upon this earth, to try to deceive those that were taught during the 1000 years, and if the ones taught then follow Satan, they will end up in the Lake Of Fire, which is called Hell, and they will be blotted out of all people's memories from that point forward.

They will cease to exist, and no one will remember them.

This is actually what the Bible says is going on right now.
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