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PostSubject: INTERVIEW WITH ENOCH   Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:37 pm

You can call this channeling if you want to. You can call this speaking to the spirit if you want to, you can call this bullshit if you want to, but I will tell what has been given to me to report.

I was giving the opportunity to speak with Enoch the prophet about his life and I took advantage of it, and focused on my intention to this situation on finding out things that are not written about him, or his ministry.

The prophet Enoch is the least written about in all of God's word, why is that? Because the least written about is the greatest in the kingdom, that is a rule. But you must remember the prophet Enoch is not a savior, he is only the least written about of the prophets in the Bible.

So although he is important, he is not the savior. He was just another servant doing the best he could under his particular circumstances, which were different than all other of God's recorded prophets.

So when I was given this chance, I jumped at it. I was also quite shocked that this happened to me, and after a few minutes of shock wore off, I decided to run with it, and see where it went?

   Gabriel : I started this way.

Why would I believe you are Enoch?

Enoch: You do not have to. You asked for this chance, and it was given you. Please don't be like many, that when their prayers are answered they find it hard to deal with the result.

Enoch: by faith you have been given this and by faith you should accept it or reject it?

Enoch: it is written, that without faith it is impossible to please God, book of Hebrews.

Gabriel: ok, so lets talk about your life, I know enough about you to ask, what was going on when you were prophesying on the earth back in the Garden of Eden?

Enoch: I was prophesying about the fallen Angels. I was telling my family not to have interaction or intercourse with them under any circumstances, and to stay away from them at all costs.

Enoch: the fallen Angels came here to corrupt the seed line of the Messiah through the exercise of DNA manipulation by birth. Their intention was to corrupt the seed line of the family of Eth-ha-Adam, in which seed line would come the Messiah for all the world, the savior for all nations.

Gabriel: so your telling me that, God sent you to warn the family of Adam about these Fallen Angels?

Enoch: yes.

Gabriel: did they listen? 

Enoch: only the family of Noah listened. That is why Noah was charged with building the arc. The rest of the family rebelled, and did not listen.

Gabriel: did God most high send you to the fallen Angels at any time about what they were doing?

Enoch: yes of course he did. I was always sent to them in a whirlwind. I would ride a whirlwind to their location, and I would manifest to them and prophecy to them their outcome, if they continued on this path. I warned them often, and they did not hear.

Gabriel: so what was it like to ride in a whirlwind? Enoch:It was exciting. It was mystical, to make those fallen ones consider just what they were doing and that God Most High was responsible for me and the whirlwind, and no one else rode around in a whirlwind, so they knew God Most High was behind the whirlwind, and the message. But they ignored it.

Gabriel: wow, that is cool. So why did they just not kill you? 

Enoch: they were not able to, because God sent me, and they knew it.

Gabriel: so how long did you ride the whirlwind and warn them?

Enoch:365 days, 24 hour days.

Gabriel: then what happened after that?

Enoch: I went back to them and told them that if they would repent for their evil, and be born of women in the flesh, they could become CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, but if they did not repent, they would die.

Gabriel: what did they choose?

Enoch: They chose to die.

Gabriel: is that why the Bible talks about the fallen Angels during the coming end of days time period? The time of the end?

Enoch: yes. The fallen Angels will return, and do again the thing they did before. It is written.

Gabriel: let's talk about some personal things about you and your family. Why are you not spoken of much in the scripture?

Enoch: God wanted me kept in secrecy. It is much like Elijah, who is also well loved, but not known of in great degree. Or like Moses, who there is much that was not written about him. Or like our savior, Y'shua Messiah who there is a lot written about, because he came in the volume of the book. The story is about Him not others.

Enoch: I am just one of Gods Children, nothing more.

Gabriel: how did people live almost 1000 years back then?

Gabriel: because of the canopy above the world. There was a canopy of water around the planet, and it protected people and caused them to live almost 1000 years.

Gabriel: did you know Adam personally?

Enoch: of course I did, he was my progenitor and I loved him and Eve. Adam and I also charted the heavens, and made maps of the stars and also speculated about many things, we had great conversations together.

Gabriel: what about that thing in the garden with the serpent, what was that all about.

Enoch: it was about deception. Adam and Eve were attacked more than any other beings. Why? Because they were the bloodline of the coming Messiah, and so Satan attacked them more than others. They were under brutal attacks through great deception, because of the innocence they had, and because they were set out for the attacks.

Gabriel: what do you mean by set out for attacks? 

Enoch: they were qualified by the spirit within them to withstand the attacks and not fail to the ultimate temptation of the deceit they were attacked with. 

Gabriel: but the Bible says they were sinners, and that they failed, is that not correct?

Enoch: well, there is more of an explanation than that. For all souls to be born of the flesh, all souls must have free will. All souls must have free will to either love God or not to love God, that is what this earth age is all about. Will you decide to love God, or will you decide to be deceived by Satan, and perish. The choice is yours independently.

Enoch: Adam and Eve failed because they were of a free will, and because of this the serpent prevailed upon them, but it did not last, the great deception of the serpent was the perfect opening for God Most High to establish the doctrine of faith and of a savior to redeem his lost and deceived children from the great deception of evil. What this means is do you believe God, or Satan, evil?

Gabriel: so you are saying that the thing in the garden was a sex thing?

Enoch: yes it was all about sex, and nothing else. You can discover this by looking at the verses where Eve said, "I have gotten a man child from God" when she gave birth to her first born, who was Cain, the murderer, the serpent seed, and not Adams child, because Eve said I have gotten a man child from God at the birth of the serpents seed, tells you and me the story of why Eve went along with the seduction of her from Satan, because Satan obviously told her he was sent to make her pregnant and give her a child from God??? This is why she was impregnated by Satan to start with, because of Satans great deception. He was trying to destroy the natural bloodline of the coming Messiah.

Gabriel: I think my head is spinning here a little. So you are saying that Satans own deception led to his downfall and cursing? 

Enoch: yes. When you go against God, you always fail. It does not matter who or what you are, if you are human, or spirit, or entity, you were made by God, and you cannot get over on him, or deceive him in any way. This is the easy stuff, you can never be greater than the creator.

Gabriel: so if this info is correct, you are saying to know who you are, and from whence you came?

Enoch: yes, it has been written for you to see.

Gabriel: so were you there when Noah built the Arc?

Enoch: I Was there when the plans for the Arc came into being, but I was not there when it came to pass, I was taken away in a whirlwind by then, and was transfigured during my ride.

Gabriel: what would be your message today be for the people that might listen?

Enoch: it is written. All things are written. If you want to know, read.

Gabriel: why was it, that in the book of Genesis where you are spoken of, it says you had children at the age of 65, but almost all others mentioned there had children when they were much older? Why is that? 

Enoch: because I was blessed by my father to have a family early, as my father knew I would be transfigured at an early age being 365 years old, so I was allowed a family while living my early life, me not knowing that I would be transfigured I was given a family and a wonderful life at an early age, because my Father loved me.

Enoch: you must remember that elders had children then much later than they do now, and because of my transfiguration I was allowed to have a family early.

Enoch: also because of the evil that was present, and the Satanic influence of the time, I was told that I would be separated from the evil in order to establish a righteousness that would set the tone for future followers of the message of faith. For without faith it is impossible to please God. In this respect my life was a template for any and all that might follow in these paths, a tried version of faith that earned me the mantle of righteousness according to my faith.

Enoch: it was accounted to me for righteousness because of my faith, just as Abraham was accounted righteous by his faith, there is no difference between the two. You must come to God by faith, you must maintain God by faith, you will establish eternity by faith, death cannot separate you from your Father as long as you walk in faith. Faithers are central to eternity.eternity is central to faithers, and your beliefs are what makes it happen. Have you read about it? It is written.

Gabriel: there is teaching in scripture about how all humans come from God, and these humans born of the flesh, have no idea what they are doing here, simply because they are born without any remembrance of their time with God Most High before they were humans? Is this something you can talk about?

Enoch: yes. You do come from God, we all do. It matters not in what body you possess, what matters is that you come to the knowledge of this fact during your incarnation in 3D, so that you can make an intelligent decision about who or what you want to follow during your 3D existence. You are born as a babe with no knowledge of the past. You are expected to determine for yourself the path toward eternity you wish to take. You have free will as a 3D babe, in order to make your personal decision on what you want and wish to believe. You can believe in God or you do not have to believe at all, this is your right of passage through the valley of the flesh, and the valley of decision while living upon the 3 D earth, and trying to find your eternal family, that you are hard wired to find and to search out for.

Gabriel: so the plan of God is for all humans in their free will, to either worship God or Satan and it is up to them?

Enoch: yes. It is that simple. You will either faith God, or you will faith something else, and anything else beside God is destruction and you will decide for yourself which way you will go. It is not up to God which way you will go, it is up to you, because of free will. You pilot your life in the flesh, you are responsible for you, and God works with every human during their flesh time, in order to guide them, some take the guidance and some do not. This is why it is written, the just shall live by faith.

Gabriel: I am not sure what else I can ask? Can you tell me anything about the end times?

Enoch: yes. It is upon you. It is at the door.

Gabriel: how do you say that? Every generation born since the birth of Y'shua Messiah has said "we are the last generation". Why would you say it is at the door? Please don't be mystical, but practical, what does that mean? 

Enoch: it means, Y'shua Messiah said 3 times about the generation of the Fig tree, those that see it, will see all scripture come to pass, it is written, you have been told, have you read it, this is not news, our elder brother told us this long ago, as he told us all things. There is nothing hidden, that will not be revealed. I have told you all things, our elder brother said, please ask him to explain it to you, because he will.
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