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PostSubject: GOD'S ELECT   Wed May 01, 2013 12:19 pm

There are 153,000 people called God's elect spoken of in the scriptures. 144,000, 7000' and 2000.

These are 144000 from each of the so called 10 lost tribes of Israel. People call these tribes lost but I know GOD MOST HIGH knows exactly where everyone of them are. The reason people call them lost is because the majority of people from these lost tribes do not have any clue as to who they actually are, so there are many individuals within these 10 tribes that are "lost" as to their true heritage and who their ancestors really were. Their ancestors were the "called people of GOD MOST HIGH" to be His people.

What happened to them?

They fell into worshipping false gods, they became Idolators. GOD MOST HIGH sent them prophet after prophet to warm them of their foolish ways, and tried to get them to repent for their Idolatry but they refused to listen, over and over they refused, and sometimes they would kill the prophets/messengers and so GOD MOST HIGH got real pissed off at them and told them that he would scatter them all over the world into many different countries and they would be lost to themselves and to GOD MOST HIGH.

This is how God did what he promised them. He caused the Assyrian empire to capture the 10 northern tribes of Israel and sent them into captivity into a foreign country. Where they were in captivity for over 100 years. Then finally they were released, and in mass, they all went to Europe an crossed the Caucuses mountains, and lived there for some time as a group. This is where the world came up with the word "Caucasians" because this is what the world called them.

Then the people started splitting up and they all moved to many different nations, such as Ireland Scotland, the British Isles, the Americas both south and north, Canada as well as other countries all over the world, and they forgot their heritage, and WHO they were, because God told them this is what would happen to them for not listening to him, and repenting for their Idolatry.So they became LOST as to their identity, as Gods Chosen people even to this very day. BUT, God is calling out 144,000 of these people "in our generation" the Fig Tree generation that we now live in and he is revealing to them just exactly WHO they really are, and what GOD MOST HIGH expects from them in these end times.

GOD MOST HIGH expects them to stand before the coming Anti-Christ and to testify against him to the whole world, as these trials will be televised, and the world will sit by and watch as these 144,000 will allow the HOLY SPIRIT to speak through them, and the Bible says that when this happens, even the GAINSAYERS will be convinced that God is SPEAKING through these people by the words coming out of their mouths. These 144,000 will no doubt cause many people to be saved spiritually by their testimonies.

The scriptures also teach that not one hair on the head of these people will be harmed, because God will be protecting them super naturally.

Also before now and the time the Anti-Christ shows up, every one of these people will be personally crowned by "Y'shua messiah" himself, and this crown will represent mercy and loving kindness and this crown will have two points on it, one for mercy, and one point for loving kindness. Because these people will operate in mercy/God's mercy, and in loving kindness. So these people will all be loving people and have great mercy, and this is what the Spiritual Crown they will get from Y'shua messiah represents and they will actually be able to fill this crown on their head at their own will, anytime they want to.

I have known 2 people that this has already happened to. And for their security and privacy I will not name them. Besides I have not asked either of them if I could name them, and even if they said yes, I would not name them.

The other groups within the 153,000 are the 7000 teaching priests after the order of Melchizedek, and the Kings and Queens of the ETHNOS. The kings and queens of the ETHNOS simply means the other tribes in the Earth besides the 12 tribes of Israel. These are Gentiles, it is from all the others races of people on this planet, there are 2000 different tribes on this planet beside the 12 tribes of Israel. Every race on the planet will be represented in this 2000.

None of these called people have big egos. They are very humble people, they do not think they are better than anyone else, because frankly, God will not allow that to take place. Real people called by God are very humble people because they know they are nothing compared to GOD MOST HIGH, and so they act that way.

The Bible says that the 7000 teaching priests will never BOW their knee to false worship and they will always be faithful, and the same for the Kings and Queens of the ETHNOS.

There are also a group called the "Remnant" that will be called out by GOD MOST HIGH but this group is not numbered.

These are the Children of GOD MOST HIGH and they are taught in the book of Revelation.

And I must mention here the "Two Witnesses" of Revelation chapter 11. They will be beheaded in Jerusalem and it will be shown on TV. These two will have great power while they go around prophesying the words of God, and it is their death that causes Y'shua Messiah to come back and kick ass and take names and change our world into the next dimension and place us all in our Spiritual bodies at that time. This will happen 3and one half days after the 2 witnesses are killed.

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