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PostSubject: THE ULTIMATE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS   Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:44 am

There are several groups of people called by God in this fig tree generation, which is the last generation, and who are called God's Elect not because they are better than anyone else, but because in the time appointed for their calling, they will be asked by God Most High to willingly go into the belly of the beast, and to testify against the Anti-Christ to his face while the AC is actually here and ruling the planet.

Why would God do this? So the world can see that not everyone is convinced that the Anti-Christ is who he says he is, and he claims to be Y'shua Messiah/God by making those claims to the world. He will have the ability to call down fire from heaven in the sight of mankind and his supernatural ability will convince many that he is who he says he is.

But Gods loves his creation/humans so much that he asks his Elect to lay their lives on the line and testify against the Anti-Christ so that some may believe and be saved from the coming wrath of God that will be poured out on Gods enemies right at the end of this earth age, and just before the transformation into the next dimension for all humans and the planet.

These God's Elect were the ones that fought against the Dragon/Satan/Lucifer/The Serpent/the Son of Perdition/The Accuser/The Lord of the Flies/The Prince of Death/The False Prophet in the first earth age also called the catabole, which means the overthrow, Satans overthrow during the 1st earth age, when the elect and God defeated Satan in his attempt to take the throne of God. These are only 9 of Satans titles, he has at least 3 more besides the ones I posted here.

That is why God calls on his elect to fight against him again, because God can count on them as he did in the catabole of the first earth age also called "the world that was". God knows he can depend on them to speak up, so the whole world will have one last chance to see and hear the gospel as spoken by these people called God's elect, and maybe become Christian as well, and escape the coming wrath on God's enemies.

When God pours out his wrath on those that are against him, none of Gods children will be touched or harmed by this pouring out at all, God will protect them from it.

Also the scriptures say that Satan/Death will not be able to harm these elect, because he cannot openly kill them if he is claiming to be the prince of Peace/Y'shua Messiah and so he will not likely harm any of them, because God also told Satan directly that he cannot touch any that have the seven seals in their foreheads, as these elect do, so he will not harm any of them most likely,except for the last Two Witnesses, who he will kill openly, and this is what brings back the Prince of Peace/Y'shua Messiah/King of Kings/Lord of Lords to put a stop to it all and aveng the death of the 2 witnesses at that time.

The scriptures say that not a hair of one of God's Elect's head will be harmed by Satan, so these Elect are called by God to be thrown right into the Belly Of The Beast, and to walk through that fire and not be touched.

But when Satan kills the 2 witnesses that is his down fall, as that will bring about the end of this earth age, exactly 3 and one half days later.
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