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 Bill Hicks on the Iraq "War"

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Bill Hicks on the Iraq "War" Empty
PostSubject: Bill Hicks on the Iraq "War"   Bill Hicks on the Iraq "War" Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 8:58 am

it surprises me that little vids like this one escape notice and don't get pulled from YT. I'm guessing it's because it is labeled "comedy" as I watch Bill, more and more I want to BE Bill. I'm going to try my hand at my own comedy routine and see if that's not a better way to try to communicate certain ideas to others.

And the reference to the Buick Scuds... I got a GOOD belly laugh from that! I have one of those, a 1987 Buick LaSabre estate wagon [rofl] and I got a visual similar to catapulting station wagons, kind of a Monty Python style thought OOOooo LOL

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Bill Hicks on the Iraq "War"
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