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 Parading by the Super-Galactic Center ~ 13 Sept 2011

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PostSubject: Parading by the Super-Galactic Center ~ 13 Sept 2011   Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:25 pm


Parading by the Super-Galactic Center ~ 13 Sept 2011
Over the next few days, Venus, as she moves into a sign she rules, slides across a massive complex of galaxies all hovering around a nucleus known as the Super-Galactic Center. While this may sound ominous, it’s really not. Like most configurations in astrology a dollop of conscious attention scooped onto a barrelful of life experience or wisdom, and an acquired consciousness can combine to glean the best from any transit. With a little understanding of the intense black hole complex, some promising insights and motivations might lie around the next corner. Once Venus is done with this passage, the Sun and Mercury take their turn with the Moon adding emotional topping.

Let’s look at the Super-Galactic Center for a moment. For all intents and purposes, it could be considered to span from 25 degrees of Virgo through 8 degrees of Libra, plus or minus. Why so much space? This supermassive black hole is estimated to have once possessed the mass of three billion times that of our sun! In its grasp it holds three trillion stars, ten thousand globular clusters and more than thirty galaxies, including our own. In reality, all these objects are slowly sipped into the core of this massive black hole.

This is the reason that individuals with planets in late Virgo or early Libra might often be forced into the center of complicated situations in life, even those they consider with a casual glance. Like it or not, others seek information, insight and solace from persons with planets at these degrees. Somehow, others expect answers, leadership, motivation and impeccable consciousness from Super-Galactic Center contactees. While it can be labeled charisma, it’s more that the drawing power of black holes, captivates the attention of others long enough to soak their aura in an alternate dimension of rich insight.

So, if such characteristics are expected from individuals with planets at those degrees, when planets transit those same degrees, answers, cosmic direction, motivation and consciousness might come pouring through. Yes, exactly. And actually, this is more or less an annual event, apexing two days after the equinox marked as the Sun enters Libra. Mercury and Venus linger nearby, and within a reasonable time, these “personal” bodies combine with the Sun to conduct a collective refresh, attending to potent Libran matters, that ride a strong Virgo substrate.

The process indeed meant to be internal. Take some time out. Imagine defragmenting your being, collecting all scattered pieces to return to a restored, spiritually intensified psyche. Abandon self-judgment in the interest of creating a view of yourself that permits acceptability based upon the merits of your spirit. Maybe think of it this way... if you met yourself on the road, what would you do? Embrace, immerse, enmesh, entwine, bond with yourself with superglue ferocity and with such soulful gravity that the reconstituted you would rival the attraction power of the greatest supermassive black hole ever.

Here are a few tips for the transits upcoming to the Super-Galactic Center:

Venus (September 15 - 16) - You know that “do unto others” thing that’s part of the Golden Rule? Why not make it platinum by doing for your spirit what you would gladly do for others but fail to provide for yourself because of modesty, fear, insecurity, caution, resistance, the inability to receive, or stubbornness. That’s right, give yourself the showering of the best you have to offer. Be your own soul mate by bonding with and sharing the best of you with you. Savor yourself and the values you have built for yourself with your life experience. Believe in your needs and wants, seeking their fulfillment with enthusiasm.

Sun (September 24 - 25) - It’s time to conduct an internal audit. Observe and note all resources, attributes, talents, skills, humor that you possess inside. Stack up all the goodies you possess as an earthwalker and figure out how to use those in a way that suits the dharma you intended to create when you incarnated on this planet. Should your ego get in the way of this process, here are two astrological factors to consider. First, the resource sensitive “we must balance use with availability” dwarf planet, Makemake, now travels through late Virgo. The line up of the tools in your skill set might be the answer to a planetary calling. Or, two, you could note that within days - September 21st to be precise - Saturn the manifestation guy and economy of effort planet compares direct zodiacal notes with Hawaii’s creation goddess planet, Haumea. No doubt this is the time to surface latent and hidden talents. Says Saturn, “Tick, tick! 2012 is coming and people are quivering, anticipating the end of days. What are you doing to make the world better today, whether 2012 is the end of things or a new beginning?”

Mercury (September 26) - Share your insights. Share means share, instead of the ever so popular agenda of “if you don’t agree, you’re against me.” Offer inspiration and consciousness that others can grasp at the rate of their own personalized rotation around the event horizon of the Super-Galactic Center’s core.

As Mercury finishes his exact track over the noted center of the Super-Galactic Center, the Moon adds an emotional push. This push longs for connection with those who have completed a similar internal process. If like attracts like and peas in a pod and spiritual birds of a feather, given the inner work just conducted, presumably with some degree of isolation and stepping away from the throngs, connection is now desired. Seek out like minds, kindred spirits and parallel universes. With such folks, more bonding gracefully and gratefully occurs.

Given that Saturn is coming up to join forces with Haumea, the more creativity the better. The more shared insight the better. The more expanding consciousness the better. The more including the planetary or galactic support that has never been embraced to date, the better.

As the equinox turns, it’s time for that annual refresh of spirit and body, ego and soul and consciousness and wisdom. If followed, it is a pause that refreshes the spirit

Soon, I’ll launch my new campaign for the next wave of consciousness that I see serving transits that come at the end of this decade. That’s right, I’m looking right on through 2012 and up to a time when I see strong merit to the patterns in the sky such that the insights gleaned (hopefully) as we go through 2012, will seed, root and flourish into a planet of possibility filled with people who understand. Stand by.

If you’d like more information on the Super-Galactic Center, here you may read an excerpt from The Galactic Trilogy’s treatise “The Soul of the Sky.”

Let’s get on with those consultations, okay? And what about the scarfing up one of my remaining DVDs on Haumea and the new discoveries in our solar system.

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PostSubject: Re: Parading by the Super-Galactic Center ~ 13 Sept 2011   Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:32 pm

I always laugh when I see the sleeping emoticon at the head of your astrology posts.
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sky otter
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PostSubject: Re: Parading by the Super-Galactic Center ~ 13 Sept 2011   Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:36 am


glad you get a chuckle otta it..
it's kinda my way of saying..hey if you're not into astrology..sleep thru this..

a me to me hah hah poke
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PostSubject: Re: Parading by the Super-Galactic Center ~ 13 Sept 2011   

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Parading by the Super-Galactic Center ~ 13 Sept 2011
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