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 I had to read this THREE times...

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I had to read this THREE times... Empty
PostSubject: I had to read this THREE times...   I had to read this THREE times... Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 10:09 am

Quote :
Please know that since first learning this I have learned of others that have said some things very similar. I was wondering for some years after I started leaving my body if what I had learned over there when I was out and about was all BS or if I was crazy. Years later when I shared the things I believe there was someone that overheard and said he read a book once by someone that said the same story basically. I've always wondered about that book. He did not remember the author or title but the point is I do believe there are others that know what I am about to share with you. The people I have shared this with are few. Less than a handful.

The management of garden terra is ongoing. The collectors are here all the time and have been through out its creation, long before humans. Abducting humans, or whatever other crop was grown in their garden no matter which generation it was and experimenting on them has been going on for all of the creation of this garden called earth. Thats how the fourth crop, which is us and by us I mean the current total of all conscious life (all organic life mobile and stationary) on the planet.

Something about the carbon oxygen cycle and organic life were two of the common things seen together when the 'product' was found naturally in universe. Well along into playing in his own mind god consciousness sprouted like various frequencies coming off a dial. Lets face it god is a big kid with magnifying glass and his penis in his hand playing with himself after all! During conscious play other tools and play toys also developed. This 'product' call it what you lik for lack of any word in any language that can say it here. All consciousness sought/seeks it and will seek it, needs it, wants it, hunts it, uses it for whatever reason or whatever purpose and celebrates finding it even if it is not very refined at all when found. Its so important that all conscious energy has vested interest in the project terra garden which was created solely as an experiment to produce this 'product' associated with all organic life. At this point the terra garden we know as 'earth' is just one of many. Others are alive and well and although a success the creator still tries to improve and may even have a fifth crop ready to debut in the new world or new age just getting underway here shortly. Its believed that 2012 is a smoke screen to blind those to the real date of Oct 28th of this year. We'll know soon I suppose.

Anyway, the product that emanates from organic life forms fills all the atmosphere of terra (earth). Its in the ether and the collectors( UFO's ) harvest it constantly. They sat above the Aztec and other sacrifices, public hangings, beatings, the crusades and caused wars, plagues, famines and torture for cultures like some believed to be privy to secret knowledge and others that knew the fear and pain of a harsh death to a victim would provide the 'gods' with what product was produced from such a strong emotional response both from the shock and awe of the happenings and the emotional responses of loss to family. Emotional response is key. The collectors were selected solely because they are emotionless and in fact are puzzled by emotion. These would be the robotic grays. Android like behavior. They are believed to be a created being of artificial life and created simply to do the harvests for the creator perhaps because they have no interest or need in the product.

The product is created from organic life during any and all emotions as stated. A mother protecting her young being the most pure product, right up there with pure love and lonliness, discontent, being just behind it as I understood it. Love is a very pure distilled form of the ether or product humans and other life creates and what the creator sought when the garden was created but its so much easier to promote and create trauma, pain, suffering and all the other of the negative emotional responses that this is what we see here and on most other terra gardens along with the others and due to the product it can produce easily and consistently. As is the case negative emotions are the path of least resistance and the easiest to produce. By the way, it is rumored that: Those that govern our world, call them the powers that be, know the truth. The collectors did interact with them, the CIA and others works with them promising to produce all the chaos they could ever want in return for favors to extend life, extend intelligence and so on. The high priests of ancient times, and leaders (real leaders) did work with them and they even gave technology to us as an experiment to see if it would aid in production and sure enough that and the mass media it created which propelled us from horse drawn carts to where we are today in about 100 or less years has exceeded all expectation. And no one blinks an eye at it like it was all just natural. Yeah right! Just like we supposedly jumped the gun on evolution skipping all the stages in what would be expected and just suddenly showing up one day in full bloom!

Strong emotion creates product. Don't forget this. All organic life creates or emanates product. Clear cutting live grasses or brush creates product, killing animals, or any living being that feels creates product, getting angry at your spouse emanates product and so on, from fight or flight, to all range of emotions. The chaos is what rules in this age and this age ends very soon. With the end of each old age the collapse of the old seems to be the case and so with that we expect a large harvest coming, explaining all the mass UFO sightings and we expect perhaps upwards of 4.5 billion to perish as the new age births. With birth is birth pains and that will be the case no matter if you buy this reality or not. Sadly that could include us being among those that perish but thats why we came at this time, its as much in our best interest to go for it moving forward with love as it is to do something negative because in our natural state we have as much interest in this harvest and what it means to all consciousness as anyone else even the creator.

This is as close to what was shown to me as I can convey. As to how it works I do not pretend to know. What you hold to your heart is the world you create was the message. To all who read, get focused on your own divinity. We are all aspects of one god playing in his/her own mind and although this garden is used as prison, hell, and voluntary organic life experience opportunity to do good for reality it is also a paradise and all in between heaven and hell. It is a cherished gem, artificially maintained by the creator and it always has been. We are like individual frequencies and capable of focus of our own frequencies to where we wish to go. If love means more to you focus love. If not you get what you focus.

In olden times 'god' or 'creator' needed a loyal following to do his bidding no matter the request and do so without question. A pact was made. God had these chosen people do what can be read as horrific things to people, taking no prisoners and leaving no survivors. It grew from there George to what we see today. This was necessary simply for production. Understand this, all natural disasters and weather patterns as well as the entire make up of devour each other to eat is all about production by emotional response on planet terra. Today, flying a plane or two into a couple sky scrapers is nothing less than a grand way the agencies working with the creator can make a grand sacrifice to produce shock and awe showing their great worth to the creators for special favors. Its nothing like the single hanging or multi public hangings and other spectacles or Mayan or Aztec sacrifices now. Much is going just as they hoped for the grand showing of appreciation for favors and success was so grand that more plans are being made as I type for more shock and awe to produce the 'great harvest' of the end of the fourth age!

From the stand point that the 'gods' or 'collectors' created the planet to produce the sacred product you can see how cultures all over came to know that the number one favor one can do for the creators is to offer up product. When you understand the relationship of product and emotional response in organic life as well as the emanation and when you study the progression from the first crop which did not produce at all until killed you start to see that sacrifice was started initially as a way of offering up product in a grand way to the gods to gain their favor. Abraham in the Judaic faith, Maya priests, or Aztec in others and countless others we probably do not even have record of but all to produced product for the gods knowingly and unknowing. High priests and most secret society grand masters would know the truth keeping it from the masses which proves out in history.

It is said the true real blue blood rulers of the earth know the truth and that such an event as a plane or two flying into a building as a false flag type operation to promote shock and awe through the mass media is just a bigger better way to create the product than a small time sacrifice of someone's enemy or child virgin from their own society. The result is the same but the volume of product is different. Either way is seen by those in the know as doing the work of the creator though and of course this is by producing the product all organic life creates by their emotions. This is that dirty little secret about the garden called earth. Its what secret societies want kept private until now when all can be revealed because basically its upon us.

The high priests and others in the know are fully aware of their own vested interest and the fact that they too produce and may even perish while here in the body and they know that when the energy that is their light leaves the body that they are not dead as this thing called death does not exist. God lives, therefore we live as the teachings go. We lived before this body, we live after. The Maya saw life as a repeating cycle of time, not a river and so their entire outlook was of a grand cycle. Well, that is probably more accurate than our view today and based on their accuracy the cycle appears to be coming to the end of an age. We know from past ages that with death of one society a new one rises from the ashes. I assure you the creator will not let this planet perish. He/she just wants product! All come together in the end to make total sense of a death and rebirth, or life after life after life. I realize it is a lot to swallow but the creators of this planet have become quite famous within universe for their success here. IT has sparked new gardens all over creation now that offer a host of experience to consciousness and since all have vested interests in the product all occasionally contribute by experiencing an organic experience of their own on one of the various worlds. This is as it was explained to me in my travels. Again, its heavy shit but really explains everything going on quite well the more you look at it.

There is a reason the gods have been reported to feed off chaos. I think there is a reason why 'god' ordered the Jews to go out in th desert, creating hardship, order destruction taking no survivors a time or two and so on and to wonder why a god would do this one has to look at what I have learned and taught you here and then the ah hah moment clicks and suddenly you realize it was again creating that cherished product from all the emotions of the events that is the ulterior motive behind all. The last time the earth ended a cycle was when humans as we know them came into being. The life that occupied the planet before us as the dominant species or producer was not like us George. There is rumor that it is possible that a new fifth product carbon unit has been created to fill the needs of the creators in the new age to replace the current crop or enhance it but I suppose we'll know all that real soon if we are lucky enough to survive the coming times. If not I'm sure we'll be back in one of the fifth crop products and maybe we'll figure it out then. Anyway, that is it in a nut shell and by nut shell I mean really compressed down. I hope I have not overwhelmed you.

Not overwhelmed, but certainly interested since it's a coherent worldview so I responded that indeed it was interesting and requested the author's permission to post both his story and to further ask "How did you come to this perspective?" as it's such an interesting one and certainly explains the ritual sacrifices seen in things like wars where both sides operate under occult symbols like stars with various point-counts, swastikas, circles, stripes, and so forth, and it frames a whole lot more, too.

Here's his reply:
"At the age of 19 I wrecked my cousins motorcycle and shattered the helmet off my head after missing a hair pin turn in WV and jumping over a bank, barbed wire fence and landing in about 12" of water. I saw stars for a week. Had one little mark on my leg and thought little of it. Spontaneous out of body travel began shortly after. I complained of this to my history teacher that was adept at many things. Had he not rescued me I may have been put away being raised devout Catholic going to Catholic school.

In time I learned more of control of my conscious travel learing from man of my youth known simply as Cap. My high school history teacher and also best man at my first wedding. Like waking in a dream my grandmother has visited me many times since her passing sharing things she was allowed to pass to me. Like being pulled from my body at times I've had other happenings. The most profound was my best friend that died young in a terrible accident burning to death in his truck. We had a pact between us. An agreement to come to the other if we went first. Hecame to me three days after he passed and I have interacted with him constantly, daily as a friend and warning tool for certain of my movements and actions.. He literally pulled me out of my sleeping body that first time. I met him George and I will swear it on my death bed. Greg was here. Three days after he died, here in my house, seeing what he wore, hearing his description of events that killed him, what led up to it and why all taking place in Arizona and basically having every one of the events confirmed by his mother when I traveled there shortly after his visit to give her his message. I live in Oklahoma. Greg was a Navajo native American. His mother also. Very spiritual. Later his friends, my brothers Ownie and his father, both Zuni taught me what I have shared to you about the end times, why and how these times are upon us and I put two and two together confirming with my guides before clicking send. My guides say it is time for this message. Use it in peace. The time to dispel the rumors is now and to tell as many as will listen. Post away "

This is one of those emails that I print out, put aside and think about. The Western-Reductionist in me agues it may simply be a manifestation: "Trauma-induced mind-shift, woven into a complex schema to make coherent an irrational world as a coping mechanism (along with supporting projections) to cope with the passing of a deeply loved friend."

But the the other side comes the Little Voice in my head - the intuitive/differential/Radom-access processor that says "No, there's a grain (if not a lot more) of Truth in here and ya'll really oughta pay attention because insights this clear don't just pop up all the time and you may wish to expand your worldview to incorporate at least some of its major features, particularly the "agnostic product/output as high emotional states" which implies 'fgarming' of humans could be as perfume is farmed from flowers, except, or course, a different vibration."

This created many "ahHA" moments for me, I hope you guys find it as interesting. Here is the link to the source:


If you don't find it there, it's been moved to the archives. WOW
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I had to read this THREE times... Empty
PostSubject: Re: I had to read this THREE times...   I had to read this THREE times... Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 11:24 am

yeah nice one. My brain froze about halfway through. Shall re-read soon.
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I had to read this THREE times... Empty
PostSubject: Re: I had to read this THREE times...   I had to read this THREE times... Icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 3:43 pm

Interesting article.

I for one do not ever believe any establishment so called high priest or holy men or women. I have learned that there is only one real actual God, capital G, and that the God I have learned about is against any type of established order of "thus sayeth the Lord" from any established part of governments on this planet.

The God of the Bible is against the order of governments here on this planet and has made it very clear that he will destroy their hatred and pillaging of the poor of this world. Then God I have come to know is a God of Love not death.

This same God I have come to know ordered the deaths of many people at the hands of the Israelis during the Old Testament times, and this just shocks people to their core when they read this about a so called loving God that would kill women, children, men and to leave none alive??????

Why would a loving God do this horrible thing??

The answer is that most people do not study the Old Testament at all, so they only go by what they "hear" other "ignorant" people say about the God of the Bible and all his killing of so many people.

After you learn what the Old Testament says, then you will find out that all the killing was done because the people being killed were the descendants of the "Giants" the "half-human half-Angel" hybrids that were descendants of the fallen Angels of the book of Genesis chapter 6.

These descendants of the Giants went into the promised land that God gave to Israel before the Israelis got to the promised land!! So the natural enemy of God who is Satan sent his children to capture the promised land before the children of Israel could get there, and that is why God the loving God choose to destroy all of them. He wanted them to be present with him in Heaven so he could judge them appropriately, so that is why he killed so many and once you understand this it becomes clear that all this killing was just more action on Gods part of the Cosmic War of the Heavenly's, of which war Earth is right in the middle of and is a primary player.

I am glad you printed this SS, so I could tell this about the so called killing of a loving God. Great thread indeed sister.... good job
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I had to read this THREE times... Empty
PostSubject: Re: I had to read this THREE times...   I had to read this THREE times... Icon_minitime

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I had to read this THREE times...
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