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 Serious about Sirius

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sky otter
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PostSubject: Serious about Sirius   Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:25 pm


Serious about Sirius ~ 1 July 2011
Wow! I received my new Solar Fire 8 disk and have loaded this onto my computers. Wow! This version is substantially enhanced and if you follow the objects I do in the outer solar system, I don’t see how you can be without the upgrade for any longer. Use the Order Solar Fire 8 link on my site. Did I say wow!? I love this new version.

In the past hours the solar eclipse in Cancer occurred, following on the heels of Mars crossing the last of the stars in the Pleiades. This eclipse is number two of the current Solar-Lunar three step in the sky and could portend emotionally charged times. Difficulty within these emotions times might be attributed to a collective rising tide of feelings that swarm the planet, or perhaps for a more personal reason. It’s not a bad idea to reality check which is true for you. If you’re doing just fine and the world seems frantic, you can step out of way of the emotional engine charging down the tracks. If you are in the midst of any emotional muddle, there are some things to do to calm inner quivering long enough to make strong, conscious choices.

First, the background. As Mars transited over the stars of the Pleiades, some of whom now cross over from Taurus into Gemini (as measured by the tropical zodiac), he suggested “grieve, then get going” as a consciousness guide. This recent prompt from the “pretend you’re a type A personality” action planet, urged folks to grab the emotions by the bootstraps, pull up on the strings of lingering grief or persistent emotional debris and deal with life anyway. Getting onto new things with inspiration and dedication shifts one’s focus from overemphasis on matters that cannot be explained away, justified into oblivion, or forgotten is the plan. Though lamenting a personal loss, the demise of the planet, the global economic state, do not let the feelings about those things dominate the urge to do proactive, positive things that may break up the psychic storm clouds. Mars did increase the heat under the pot of stewing ideas and it’s not too late to use his nagging push to motivate and do life anyway, even if still a bit funky or hazy.

On the 24th of June, just as Mars inched away from the grieving sisters/brothers of the Pleiades, Mercury crossed the degree of Sirius. Sirius, the dog star, leans toward loyalty surrounding ones own feelings. This would suggest not surrendering a valid emotion because of the discomfort it may cause your family, co-workers or your student colleagues in the Pilate class where everyone is learning how to bend over backwards. While Sirius acknowledges the validity of feelings, the stellar energy does not sanction clinging to reactions that cause emotional imprints to set like concrete. Sirius encourages the invocation of the feeling in the interest of its release and clearing. The Sirius doctrine promotes feeling it and clearing it. Holding on may cause de-motivation and inaction, contrary to the recent energy waves of Mars and the mental awakening about this process as encouraged by Mercury.

As Mercury took on the degree of Sirius, a writing board I observe fired up about how one writes drafts of a movie - from the head, or the heart? Well screenplays are supposed to reach into the guts of the reader in the first ten pages and seize their attention, demanding that the remaining pages own their consciousness for the next hour or so. That’s emotional writing of the heart. But the method for outlining screenplay points can be described as rigid, structured, methodical, logical and deviations from the protocol are simply not tolerated - that is if you want to attract real attention with the story. So the backbone of the story must be head-based, but written from an emotional point of view? Discussions went back and forth between write the first draft with fired up fervor versus describing details and laying out all the plot points in the initial draft. Really there is no answer. In fact, it would depend upon the writer’s astrological constitution. Still, methods and points of view, courtesy of Mercury abounded. After that, the writers needed to get back to writing more glorious guts in their current project. So the tread’s gone cold... at least until the next Sirius stir.

Certainly Mercury supports a logical filter applied to the choices made based upon emotional reactions. Should Mercury run amok and attempt to dissect the nature of feelings, well then, as astrologers are inclined to say, “good luck with that.” But Mercury helps immensely in the process of moving past any emotional sticking points, though rendering a Catch 22 as he does. Truly, one may be able to move beyond sensitivity quicksand by wrapping around an issue. Some contend if you can intellectually process the facts of the matter, a logical course can override emotional urges. Others contend that if one weighs a pro/con list of any emotional charged decision, they’ll exhaust the mind. This mental exhaustion allows for the emotions to win and to accept that in the situation a body will do - or should do - what a spirit wants it to do. It’s classic chicken and the egg. Can emotional exploration allow for positive logical choices? Should one’s brain quantify and qualify circumstances such that a person does not fly off the planet on a misguided whim?

That’s a jump ball, judgment call. Realizing that’s not necessarily helpful, following are transits that promise elucidation.

On July 6th the Sun - the icon of conscious attention and the vehicle of shedding light upon dark corners of consciousness aligns with Sirius, as it does every year at this time. Here comes the Sun and with it opportunities to shunt nagging mental spin, and notice what attracts your conscious attention. Where your attention is drawn there’s energy. Where there’s energy there’s charge. Where there’s charge there’s feeling. Let you spirit be your guide and draw you precisely to what matters summon your consciousness. You have a little more than a week to observe and form cogent opinions and clear reactions, after the Sun engages the brightest star in the sky (other than our Sun).

Venus joins up with Sirius on July 15th. While classic interpretations for Venus insert the pondering of how to monetize one’s goals, Sirius spins this differently. The matter with Venus to Sirius is that of realizing how essential, important, couldn’t do life without it, spirit-building, dharma-developing those things capturing your emotional energy in the belly truly are. Here, reactions are the guiding light. Desire based upon soulful development fills the being with exhilaration that creates a lightness in one’s step and a clearing in the belly. How perfectly orchestrated?! Venus reaches Sirius hours after the next lunar eclipse, which should stir any yet undisclosed feeling(s) essential to the present out from the subconscious fissures within.

Here, what must be done to clear emotional refuse that impedes progress should be crystal clear. Of course, many pilgrims on the pike to a better way of being might be inclined to pitch a tent and camp out with the feeling. While not evidently purposeful, such acts of defiance actually serve a purpose. If one stakes a claim on a reaction or a feeling, ultimately they’ll get tired of carrying that load. The shift will not be far behind, and agility, aspiration and acumen, then take over.

All this delving and digging leads up to the passage of Mars to Sirius on August 25th. Yes, that’s weeks away yet. The clearing taking place in the next two weeks leads to the brakes being released, momentum building and the realization that the next chosen life course segment rides a substrate of spiritual agreement, emotional sanction, practical reality and irreversible inspiration.

Should a few emotional belches sneak out of the belly storage locker at inappropriate times, pardon yourself. Clarify what’s bubbling up for your benefit and for improved interactions with others. Work out the kinks, create a win-win restore point in the relationship and smartly step forward.

Should that sound easier than life seems, perhaps it’s time to check in for a consultation. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on your planets can point out that what’s lurking in the shadows of the corner is a raincoat on a rack... not a Stephen King bad dream.

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PostSubject: Re: Serious about Sirius   Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:35 pm

sky otter wrote:

Serious about Sirius ~ 1 July 2011
Wow! I received my new Solar Fire 8 disk and have loaded this onto my computers. Wow!


I love this part, made me think of some Ancient or off planet tech that is beyond imagination LOL

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PostSubject: Re: Serious about Sirius   Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:22 pm

Thanks sky for the update, always good to know.
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Serious about Sirius
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