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 northpoint june 27 - july 3

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PostSubject: northpoint june 27 - july 3   Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:20 pm


NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Astrological Energies
June 27 to July 3, 2011
Written by Pam Younghans

Photo: Asteroid 2011 MD, will graze past Earth's atmosphere on Monday at a distance of 7,500 miles from the Earth's surface. It will get so close to the Earth that the asteroid's trajectory will be altered by our planet's gravitational field.

The stageplay theme concludes this week, with a rather lengthy Act III...

AS THE STAGE IS REVEALED in the final act of our three-act drama, we can see that it has been divided into two levels. Suspended in midair, overlooking the main stage, is the conference room, where we last saw Uranus and the Sun before intermission.

The Sun is still seated at the large square table, in the director's chair labeled "Cancer." Uranus is standing behind his "Aries" chair, having gotten up to stretch his legs. They are taking a brief pause in their ongoing discussion about how to assist humanity in making its unprecedented leap into higher consciousness.

THE WEEK'S ACTION begins as Pluto enters to take the "Capricorn" seat at the conference table. He has his own ideas about what needs to be done, as well as how to accomplish the task at hand.

Pluto is focused on helping humanity reach the lofty Capricorn goals of Personal Authority, Integrity and Responsibility. He is aware that to achieve these goals, many existing structures must be changed, both within the social/political sphere and within the individual personality. His work is often misunderstood, as few seem to understand that to rebuild, the old must first be dismantled.

ON MONDAY, as Pluto sits opposite the Sun, with the table between them, the power struggle may seem to be at an impasse. The Cancer Sun is very protective and easily becomes defensive when faced with Pluto, who doesn't appear to care about how anyone else is feeling, but is focused only on What Needs to Be Done to achieve his goals.

This Pluto-Sun interaction has the potential to propel us into the lower-vibrational characteristics of the signs involved. We may decide that we have to ignore our feelings and just push through to the end, walling ourselves off from others as needed to get the job done (Capricorn). On the other end of the spectrum, we may believe that we can no longer handle the pressure and may choose instead to hide beneath a rock for protection, in the hope that we will survive simply because we are no longer being noticed and not in anyone's way (Cancer).

THE SOLUTION to this impasse is in accessing the higher-vibrational traits of both Capricorn and Cancer -- in finding that there is strength in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, and in realizing that true security can be gained only when we create it for ourselves through self-respect and self-discipline.

This means we may need to soften Capricorn's strict rules and timelines a bit, using this sign's strength to become sensitive to our own and others' emotional needs, and making it a priority to nurture and support ourselves and others. It also means we need to take responsibility for our emotional well-being, and let go of Cancer's requirement that there be only soft corners and kind people in the world. In so doing, we are letting go of past disappointments and wounds, releasing the fears that have kept us in hiding, and accepting that we have the inner strength to succeed in whatever we choose as our goal.

BOTH ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM -- Capricorn's desire to accomplish and Cancer's desire to feel safe -- represent legitimate and positive human needs. Where both signs fall into the lower-vibrational realm is through their mistaken belief that the fulfillment of their basic need lies in being in full control of the situation.

Pluto in Capricorn is making sure that we learn a core and transformative lesson: This earth plane experience is not about controlling everything so that we can feel safe or gain the fulfillment we seek. Pluto's intention is to teach us about True Empowerment, which is gained not through controlling, but through Being. As we learn that we not only survive but can even thrive when things are outside of our control, we transform arrogance into humility and gain the level of self-knowing and inner strength that no situation and no person can take away from us.

So, if things seem a bit out of control, on Monday and throughout this Eclipse week, at least we know there's a higher purpose for it all.

THE REASON for the two-level stage setting now becomes clear. The themes represented by the conference room and square table are ongoing for us now. They will be part of every scene for the coming week, as well as for the following week or weeks.

Especially crucial this week is the fact that the planetary discussions heard at the conference table -- the Pluto-Sun opposition, the Uranus-Sun square and the upcoming Saturn-Sun square -- will all be turned up a notch when the Solar Eclipse occurs on Friday.

At the time of the eclipse, the Moon will have entered the conference room and come to sit next to the Sun. Pluto will remain powerfully situated in Capricorn, while Uranus continues to pace back and forth in Aries. And Saturn, who has been waiting impatiently just offstage, will come to take the remaining director's chair, positioned on the Libra side of the table.

SATURN PLAYS THE ROLE of judge and critic in our drama, and is the most realistic of the planets. In Libra, he wants to make sure everyone plays fairly. Saturn also requires that each participant take full responsibility for their role in any disagreement and that they all have practical strategies for resolving any problems.

Of all the planets at our conference table, the closest relationship at the time of the eclipse is the square between Saturn and the Sun/Moon alignment. This puts an emphasis on the need for us to rise above any unrealistic or fearful attitudes, and to take charge of our lives with greater maturity and self-discipline.

In other words, Saturn's voice is perhaps the loudest in the room at the time of the eclipse. And our ringed planet insists that we grow up, let go of blame, rise above self-limiting emotional patterns, make the hard decisions, take responsibility for our own security needs, and move on.

THE FORMATION created when four or more planets are positioned at four different sides of the zodiac table is called a "grand cross." The four signs involved in this particular grand cross are all cardinal signs, which are known for initiating action.

The challenge represented by a Cardinal Grand Cross is that all four signs have different ways of taking action, and different motivations as well. This means we have to move into the highest manifestation of all four signs to rise above the conflict represented and to take advantage of the progress that is possible now.

And, the point of this all is that there is GREAT progress possible now.

WHAT DO WE NEED to focus on at this time, and what will assist us in attaining this elevated frequency that then enables positive change to occur? Astrologer Bil Tierney's book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis is one of my preferred resources when researching the answer to this type of question. Here is what he writes (slightly abridged by yours truly) about handling the energies of a Cardinal Grand Cross:

Important lessons involve developing patience, inner composure, endurance, steadfastness, and learning to better organize time and energy. Without these qualities, we can tend to rush off into new areas of activity before projects at hand have been allowed to bloom to their fullest potential.

And, he cautions:

Others will present us with the challenge of learning to be more self-controlled, reliable, and consistent. By learning to harness our energy and by applying more common sense in our actions, we can avoid the usual pitfalls of this formation: impetuosity, recklessness, bad timing, over-assertion, and head-on confrontations with others. Natural impulses that are not acted out with prior deliberation or forethought can easily create disorder and excitable conditions.

MORE FOOD FOR THOUGHT -- here are some of the positive and negative traits associated with the four cardinal signs, so that we have a better idea of what we're choosing between:
Aries: confidence vs. egotism, pioneering vs. dictatorial, inspiring vs. overbearing, fearless vs. headstrong, courageous vs. impatient, enthusiastic vs. foolhardy, quick-witted vs. selfish.
Cancer: sympathetic vs. self-indulgent, protective vs. possessive, prudent vs. timid, unselfish vs. self-sacrificing, nurturing vs. smothering
Libra: cooperative vs. dependent, harmonious vs. indecisive, adaptable vs. aloof, peaceful vs. unassertive
Capricorn: dependable vs. inflexible, efficient vs. selfish, practical vs. pessimistic, conscientious vs. unsympathetic, cautious vs. rigid, ambitious vs. driven
Just by reviewing this list, we can see pretty clearly how important our choices are now. This grand cross and this eclipse mark a turning point in how we proceed and who we choose to be as we go forward.

OUR ECLIPSE on Friday is not only the last of our triple eclipses this summer -- it is also the last eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn series that began two years ago with the Lunar Eclipse on July 7, 2009. We may find ourselves able now to finalize issues that have been with us for the past two years.

We are at a completion point now, ready to release and leave behind many of the karmic lessons of the past. We are also at a launching point, ready and poised to take off in new directions and on new adventures.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the degree of the Solar Eclipse reinforces the idea that it is time for us to place our full attention on whatever challenge is before us:

A large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process: The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal.

I can only imagine the careful technique and finesse needed to cut a rough diamond into a faceted gem. I can assume that it requires the ability to put complete focus on the goal (Capricorn), a gentle touch and the desire to protect the mineral from harm (Cancer), the inspiration and courage needed to make that first cut (Aries), and the artistic awareness of what will create the most beautiful result (Libra).

These are the high-level skills we are developing now, and the intentions we must call upon to take best advantage of the energies of this eclipse and the grand cross.

BUT WHAT ABOUT our stage play? What about those other planets and the roles they are playing on the main stage, beneath the floating conference room?

The other players are of course continuing their individual storylines. Their subplots will weave through the week, but we will primarily be aware of the drama unfolding around the conference table.

As the play concludes, we may be surprised to find that the curtain does not close on our planetary ensemble. Pondering this, we come to a more complete awareness of our own roles in any dramas that have unfolded. We may even realize how we can choose to rewrite the script and change the storyline from here on out.

And with that, all of the planets on stage look out to those of us sitting in the audience, nod their heads in appreciation, and smile.



NorthPoint Astrology Blog: Please check out my blog for updates at http://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/ -- I look forward to your comments!

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Highlighted Aspects

Monday: Chiron trine Sun, Uranus sextile Mars, Pluto opposite Sun; Tuesday: Venus conjunct South Node, Chiron square Mars; Wednesday: Pluto quincunx Mars; Friday: New Moon/Solar Eclipse 1:55am PDT, Mercury enters Leo; Saturday: Neptune quincunx Mercury, Chiron sextile Jupiter, Saturn square Sun; Sunday: Venus enters Cancer

About the Journal

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights that will assist you in utilizing current energies for your greatest benefit.

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Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2011.
All Rights Reserved.

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PostSubject: Re: northpoint june 27 - july 3   Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:54 pm

Quote :
to put complete focus on the goal (Capricorn), a gentle touch and the desire to protect the mineral from harm (Cancer), the inspiration and courage needed to make that first cut (Aries), and the artistic awareness of what will create the most beautiful result (Libra).

Granite is the third hardest mineral. I just got my shipment of granite this weekend, am preparing to make the first cuts soon, and am finalizing designs and preparations. I am daily thining of the beauty of the mineral and the 'gem' I am about to create.

Tarot, astrology, 'readings'.... I never gave them much credibility. An observationally aware person can get things right sometimes. But these tools of an aeon gone by were created at a time when the very fabric of everything was thin enought to truly see past, present, and future wrapped into one.

I believe we are rapidly approaching that point again. These tools are of more use now than they have been in the last thousand years. Guiding us all into the new order, sharing insight into the real just out of our reach. Our dreams being more real than reality itself. Seeing/feeling things with the eyes of a child.

Thanks for sharing this. Re-affirms some feelings and gives a bit of hope to what is around the bend!!
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northpoint june 27 - july 3
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