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PostSubject: THE CLOVEN TONGUES OF FIRE   Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:57 am

If you are a believer in God/a child of the Most High/child of light there are interesting times ahead for you.

In Luke chapter 12:11-12 it states there that you will be delivered up before the the rulers of the world for a testimony to them. This will only happen after the Anti-Christ has appeared here on the Earth and your testimony will be regarding him the Anti-Christ.

The Bible also teaches that even the gainsayers/your enemies will marvel at and believe your testimony, because it will not be you speaking but the Holy Spirit speaking through you.

These ones that testify, God's very Elect, God's Elect, and the Kings and Queens of the Ethnos, will speak in what is called cloven tongues of fire.

These cloven tongues of fire can be found in the book of Acts 2: verse 1-22. They appeared to the followers of Y'shua Messiah on Pentecost day, 50 days after Y'shua Messiah ascended heavenly bound.

This was the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for these followers there that day as the tongues of fire was symbolic of God, as God is an all consuming fire.

When the tongues of fire came and spoke through the apostles that day, the language they spoke was a universal language that everyone in the crowd there that day could understand perfectly in their own native tongue, and the Bible says that there were people from every nation in the world there that day.

This same thing will happen again to you if you are a child of God and know and understand that the Anti-Christ comes first, before the real Y'shua Messiah comes at the seventh trumpet sounding.

This tongue will speak so that everyone that hears it will know and understand exactly what is going on at that particular time regarding the Anti-Christ and his presence here on Earth.

The Bible says that the anointed children of God doing the speaking will not premeditate what they will say before they are called on to speak, but they will be given exactly what to say at the very time they are called on to speak and not before that.

So these will go in to testify, not knowing exactly what they are going to say.

These will be interesting times for many.
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