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 me and the spider, this morning

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sky otter
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me and the spider, this morning Empty
PostSubject: me and the spider, this morning   me and the spider, this morning Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 8:23 am

rainbow heart

wellllll where to start with this...
i guess first i must say that i beleive everything here on this planet has a consciousness..not the same as the human consciousness but a consciousness just the same..yeah even rocks.. cheers


well this morning i had one of them ah-ha moments it was when i walked into the kitchen to make coffee
and saw the really big spider on the floor looking back at me with maybe 10 feet between us...

i don't kill spiders but they aren't my favorite creatures to come upon either..

anyway there we were..looking at each other and i could feel the thought of the spider...

"oh crap, there's one of them, i wonder how far i can get before it goes into a killing frenzy?"

so out loud i said to it..hey..just disappear so i don't have to see you and we're even..
i left
it left

i came back into get a cup of coffee and it was back...sigh..so much for talking to the critter
i yelled for hubby

now you have to understand hubby is one of those unique people who doesn't mind creepy crawlies
he came in..picked the spider up and transported it to the flower bed outside...sigh
he's a gem. angel .hubby !!! ..not the spider lol!

i sure hope the spider can adapt to outdoor living..

flower flower flower

oh yeah.. in case you're wondering the ah-ha moment was me
hearing humans as killing frenzies...

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me and the spider, this morning Empty
PostSubject: Re: me and the spider, this morning   me and the spider, this morning Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2011 9:43 am

I hear ya;

Last week i found a snail on my way, so i watched my step.
At the same time a woman came by, and killed it in here walk.

And i thought; it must be the diverence between, murder and killing.
So I let her walk, evendo she seemed attractive.

I always talk to animals, but let them approach me.
as they are better at telepathy, better than me.

Goodluck for when you meet it again, as the spider probebly wants to finish the conversation
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me and the spider, this morning
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