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 Most medical science statistics are bung

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PostSubject: Most medical science statistics are bung   Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:23 pm

This has been well established by John P. A. Ioannidis:

See also his papers on "Why Most Published Research Findings Are False".

IMO the position with alternative health practices is very likely even worse.
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PostSubject: Re: Most medical science statistics are bung   Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:45 am

Thanks Ray, Bookmarked ;)

Quote :
In fact, the question of whether the problems with medical research should be broadcast to the public is a sticky one in the meta-research community. Already feeling that they’re fighting to keep patients from turning to alternative medical treatments such as homeopathy, or misdiagnosing themselves on the Internet, or simply neglecting medical treatment altogether, many researchers and physicians aren’t eager to provide even more reason to be skeptical of what doctors do—not to mention how public disenchantment with medicine could affect research funding. Ioannidis dismisses these concerns. “If we don’t tell the public about these problems, then we’re no better than nonscientists who falsely claim they can heal,” he says. “If the drugs don’t work and we’re not sure how to treat something, why should we claim differently? Some fear that there may be less funding because we stop claiming we can prove we have miraculous treatments. But if we can’t really provide those miracles, how long will we be able to fool the public anyway? The scientific enterprise is probably the most fantastic achievement in human history, but that doesn’t mean we have a right to overstate what we’re accomplishing.”

Although I'm quite entrenched these days in cultivating chi (lol) and lack the time needed to scour articles of that nature in entirety I did find the above section quoted quite interesting.

I do feel empathy towards any group that are endeavouring to find ways to help people sincerely in a system as described in the article. Medicine without taking the energetic system into consideration has achieved wonderful achievements. It could be quite easy to to list off the amount of shams and rot that has also been born from the modern medical system but in all honesty on a forum of this nature it goes without saying that there is some severe corruption along with ego's and just about any other form of ill conceived thought known on this rock!

Funny you mention about the other side of medicine/healing!

My closest friend is runs his own TCM clinic and I get to hear a few story's from time to time which are very interesting. Awhile back he had a patient from Queensland who was back down here in Melbourne to visit family or what have you and she decided to have a treatment with my friend. During the treatment he finds out her history treating her problem and inturn he found out that she had been visiting a TCM clinic up in Queensland, he asked for the herbal formula and she did not know so he called up the clinic, obtained the formula they were giving her... It was the wrong herbal forumula for his patients condition PERIOD!

He later on found out during the consultation/treatment from the patient that the clinic in Queensland were treating her with needles which they then connected with cotton to amplify the Chi.... The words "YFKM" came outta my lungs when he told me that LOL

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Most medical science statistics are bung
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