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 human energy exists 3 places @ once

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PostSubject: human energy exists 3 places @ once   human energy exists 3 places @ once Icon_minitimeThu Nov 18, 2010 4:57 am

from rmn, originally from kryon - comfortable thoughts in the morning


A Summary

So here you are with this information. Interesting, isn't it? There are three places where your Human energy exists at the same time.

(1) The Cave of Creation - it keeps a record of who you are as you come and go, and imbues your lifetime of experience to the vibration of the planet even after you have gone. It is the multidimensional system that captures the Human experience for Gaia and it stays with Gaia.

(2) The DNA in the Human body helps you while you are alive in each lifetime, for all that you ever were is information and energy that is stored in the double helix. All thousand lifetimes are there if you've lived a thousand of them. They are all accessible.

You never have to relearn anything spiritually since it's cumulative - that is, it stays with you from lifetime to lifetime.

All you have to do is open that spiritual jar of intent to remember, and out will come the wisdom of the ancients. This ought to tell you something. All of you are your own ancestors. Did you think of that?

(3) The Crystalline Grid - a spiritual grid that lays over the planet's surface that remembers everything that Humans do and where they do it.

This grid is also being reactivated as you approach 2012, for it is becoming more quantum in that what you do in real time is being transferred to Gaia through this grid in real time.

This means that the energy of humanity is affecting the vibrational level of the planet in actual time instead of waiting to receive the energy after you pass to the Cave of Creation. This also creates a feeling of time going faster for you.

Look at the ancestors for a moment, for they knew something. Look at their wisdom. What is the first thing they did when they started a spiritual ceremony?

They honored their ancestors!

They all know intuitively that their ancestors are still with them. That is always first in their order of honoring. Before they make decisions, they always go to the ancestors and ask them for wisdom.

The indigenous know how to mine the Akash, they always have, because they realize the circle of life contains accessible information. They know it's inside of them. They also knew Gaia and considered the earth as a life-force partner - a partner in their soul life.

Oh, dear one, if you study the ancients, you're going to find everything I've given you today. They knew. Intuitively, they knew.
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PostSubject: Re: human energy exists 3 places @ once   human energy exists 3 places @ once Icon_minitimeThu Nov 18, 2010 5:26 am

Excellent information hippie, some more for me to think about here.
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human energy exists 3 places @ once
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