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 Were the Washitaw the 1st Americans and Ancient Mound Builders?

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PostSubject: Were the Washitaw the 1st Americans and Ancient Mound Builders?   Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:14 am

Are the Washitaw the original Americans?

The Washitaw Nation are black Americans but they say they did not come from Africa but were already there and were the builders of the ancient mounds. Mounds and pyramid shaped constructions are found in the American States of Ohio, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and elsewhere. Poverty Point is the largest mound of these earthworks.

The Washitaw had an established civilisation in America and have been described as the oldest inidgenous people. They claim they were there before the tribal peoples known today as Native American, and were there long before the white Europeans who invaded the land.

The Washitaw are also known as the "Washitaw Muurs," and "The Diggers," the "Ancient Ones," and the "Prehistoric Mound Builders" are other names for these people. The Olmecs of Mexico were also likely to have been black people as has been shown in surviving artifacts from that time period .


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Were the Washitaw the 1st Americans and Ancient Mound Builders?
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