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 today from my window

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sky otter
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PostSubject: today from my window   Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:12 pm

sunny flower

Biggs for you and anyone who is reading
the reason i am posting these garden things is to show you don't need acreage
a small place works just great..

i have had a large garden for years..and last year hubby and i decided to downsize
so i moved my herbs out of the herb garden i had made to the flower beds
and we are growing stuff in this small space for just us..

the entire space is about 20 by 20 feet..but a lot is taken by my brick walks..
it took me four years to finish it..cleaning and placing bricks one at a time
so what you are seeing didn't happen fast
i just wanted you to know that
so that you and anyone else would be encouraged to grow something..anything

here is a pic from my window just now..the plastic jugs are covering my broccili and cauliflower
which i was in a hurry to plant
and you can use them so see both sides..which i couldn't get into one pic

so start where you can...and enjoy

next maybe some recipes for the fresh veggies...and i hope eveyone will share a few of their own
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PostSubject: Re: today from my window   Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:42 pm

Recipes for the fresh veggies I would appreciate very much sky. Yes I did note the bricks and thought that was your work............still looking on the real estate site..........I keep coming back to a particular area with the views to soothe the spirit and the lake close by, so I am still researching; as you said you dont need acreage for a veggie garden. It is fun looking I must admit. xxoo

PS: why do I get the paranoid feeling and probably will until the end of next month that a person I knew well is lurking to see what I write so he can continue to tell the kids I am a nut case. To him: poop poke poke ha ha :distruckter: peek a boo snoring beingsick hypnotisedb yawnx tut_tut hamp booger impatient

ha ha poke poke :stick out tong mooning pfff-0020 groar
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today from my window
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