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PostSubject: Patrick Geryl   Patrick Geryl Icon_minitimeTue Apr 13, 2010 5:48 am

I watched this guy tonight, he is impressive and I do believe his theories are correct, except that the craft seen around the sun in the recent past which he knew nothing about, can now be explained due to his theories on the upcoming 2012 pole shift in connection with the sun.

That is why I believe the craft are there, probably to stop the 2012 event he talks about, hopefully. affraid

My hypothesis is the civilization he talks about that was destroyed by a pole shift 11,500 years ago was probably Atlantis but the civilization that is due to expire in 2012 which he says cannot be averted, might be avoided due to the work we do on ourselves now, which may get us over the line with ET help. Of course the ET help I believe only comes with permission of course. What do you think guys think?