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 asparagus and frost

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sky otter
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PostSubject: asparagus and frost   Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:03 am


well yesterday it was only 39 degrees and they were calling for a light frost thur the night..
normally my asparagus doesn't come up till May..but with the hot 80's of last week it was poking thur the ground

this patch was put in in 1989..so if you are thinking of doing asparagus..pick a spot you really want them in..
they are martha washington..which is the only type you could get back then
and are female plants..which toss seeds

now there are male plants like jersey knight that are not supposted to throw seeds...
the verdict is still out on that claim..imho
i put in a bed of 67 plants of jersey knight about 5 years ago and picked some last year
the time involved will tell you that it is a 'wait for it' crop.
.but ohhhhhh so worth it

anyway..here are the just a few popping up and with the posibility of frost..i picked them
well actually you use a knife and cut at the soil line

we never edged this plot and the crab grass fights for space every year..
but that doesn't seem to hinder the asparagus which is very deep..
we had a back hoe and horses when we put this in..
so the roots are well down there about 8 feet with a winters worth of manure

the other thing about the male plants is you can plant on the surface
i'll photo them as they grow to show you the difference later

well i missed one or two
they can't take the frost and here is one this morning
it was frozen and would be mush in your hand if you tried to pick it

one of my favorite meals is asparagus and shittake
we used to grow shittake so one year i had lots and tossed them in the skillet together
it was one of those things they say are to die for delicious

last night i got a taste early
even if i did have to run out to the big grocery and get a qtr pound (8 bucks a pound..oh wow) of shittake

then rinsed off asparagus..just picked
and sliced shittake

some real butter melted in a skillet
dump in the goodies
a little pepper and salt and cover with alum foil..so that it isn't sealed
stir now and then..maybe takes all of five minutes
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh YUM

can only say OINK OINK after that
moon walk
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PostSubject: Re: asparagus and frost   Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:57 pm

Nothing better than to eat your own veggies sky. Those asparagus looked great and you grew them yourself. Learning heaps here sky, thanks again. sunny
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asparagus and frost
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