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PostSubject: MY FRIEND THE STUTTERER   Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:59 pm

As a young boy I grew up with a stutterer, and he was my best friend. We separated after a few years and I did not see him for over 30 years. I was a child and so was he but he always stuttered, and could not finish a sentence without it.

Thirty years after I last saw him I met him again in what seemed like a "CHANCE" meeting. We got together and partied and rehashed old times we had as young children and growing children.

I explained to him that night that I had met "Y'shua Messiah" and I learned that none of us had to be "Stutterers" as well as none of us had to be sick form anything, and I spoke to him for several hours during a beer drinking session we were having because we had not seen each other for so long.

I explained that he could be healed from stuttering if he would take my advice? he listened, and ended up telling me that his stuttering was a great thing he used in his life to "get him over" so to speak.

In other words he used his stuttering to advance his agenda, and he used his stuttering as a crutch, in order for people to "feel sorry for him" and it helped him to get over on others. It gained him sympathy from others.

This is what you would call becoming comfortable with your sickness or disease and do not want change???

Ain't life a bitch, where some like there sickness and or impediment and do not want change?
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