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PostSubject: FORCED SNEEZING   Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:28 am

I have posted this before. But I will not stop saying that the older I get the more I am subjected to forced sneezing, and I have no allergies.

Why am I being forced to sneeze? Yes it also happened when I was younger, but not like it happens now?

Why am I forced to sneeze? And why is it that the older I get the more I sneeze?

You could say that it is a normal process of getting older? But if that is true, why have I not had my elders tell me before that as I grow older I would sneeze more???

No one told me that?

But they did tell me the older you get, the quicker time seems to pass, and yes that happened also, but my elders never said to me you will sneeze more as you grow older?

This is a phenomena of our current times, and I really believe that the sneezing process is a manifestation of the changing of the DNA.

When you get through laughing, please note your record of sneezing as you get older.

When you sneeze you are not in control at all. You can not control it, and if you try, you see how futile it is?

Call me a nut case if you will, but there is something happening when you sneeze and you try hard not to.

In my opinion it is your DNA adjustment, and that is why you cannot control it.

Your body is adjusting to the change in the energies flowing in from space, and it dose not have anything to do with pollen.

You would never suspect sneezing as a fundamental change because it is a normal process, Right?

Right, what a great way to cover for the great change going on, by using a "very normal" process to bring about the change???

God is very intelligent in not being obvious.
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