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PostSubject: THE OLIVE OIL FACTOR   Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:22 pm

According to God Olive oil is the oil of the children of light. Olive oil is the oil of our people. Our people is of course the people of light and of love.

God always used olive oil to anoint people that he wanted to use to change things.

I have used olive oil many times as a base of opportunity to cast out devils, healing, changing geographical locations energy patterns, the limit of the potential use of Olive oil is your imagination only.

When you take olive oil and use it as a healing anointing oil, you are showing God that you are in agreement with him as to it's perspective use, this will get God's attention toward what you are trying to do.

When you do this it gives you another avenue of potential use to change things toward the love factor, regardless if it is people, children, buildings, it is up to you.

Get some olive oil the virgin kind from the grocery store, Lay hands on it and pray for it to be blessed as a special anointing oil for you and speak your blessings upon it.

You can use it to change the energy of places. Buildings, groups of people, by simply dabbing some on the front door posts of a place you want to see changed.

If you anoint a building for example, dip your finger in the oil and place it on the door frame on each side and the top of the door frame. This will also put you in agreement with the Spirit as the number 3 means the Holy Spirit. When you place the oil on the posts pray and speak the change you want to see come about.

Just another tool for your toolbox.

You can anoint many things and pray, and then wait and watch

I found out about the olive oil in this way.

In 1983 a church group called me and asked if I would come to minnesota and teach. I did, they put me in the home of a guy that was more of a fanatic than I was, he played the guitar and we would sing songs every night praising God together. After 3 days of this we both started having oil dripping from our foreheads down on our face, and we wondered what in the world was this????

I went to prayer and meditating and asked and found out that it was an anointing of the oil of the Holy Spirit that was pouring out of us because we were in agreement in our love at the time in praising God. So the Spirit in us started to produce the oil of life and joy.

After this we would walk down to the downtown area of this town and as we walked, every streetlight we walked under went out as we passed beneath it. We wondered again what was going on and after prayer we found out that the light within us was stronger than the streetlights and so the street lights went out as we passed going to town. LOL we had a great time turning out the streetlights of the city every night as we walked to town to get coffee.

This is very true, the streetlight were on a light sensor and went off when the sun came up every day. When we passed we turned them off. And of course we started singing again to the glory of the lord all the way to town which was a half a mile.

This is a true story and how I found out about the olive oil, and the street lights.

What a god we serve.
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