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PostSubject: PLEASE DON'T TRANSPLANT   Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:42 am

According to the Sirians in the book by Patricia Cori called cosmos of the soul, if you transplant another persons body parts into you it will cause confusion at your physical death for your "natural progression" on to your next stop in your ascension process.

According to the Sirians, it is not a good thing to "connect" two different peoples DNA together, so if you die physically please do not let the authorities take any of your body parts for donation to someone else.

The dying process is natural and "all of your parts" should go together in death. To donate a part means that a part of your very being of soul will become lost to your ascension process of soul. You will not be complete in your ascension process.

You can do of course whatever you want to do but the Sirians say this was done before during the Atlantis period and has proven to be trouble for your soul after death.

Your body, "physical blueprint" is a direct copy of your "soul" information blueprint and you do not want to lose any of it. You were born in a complete package, and you should die in a complete package.

I believe this make great sense to me, it just sounds right, because every cell in our body carries it's own information.
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