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 youtube whistleblower

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PostSubject: youtube whistleblower   Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:09 pm

i was a subscriber to igor's channel. so i got this in my
email today ... it may be of interest, probably no surprise,
but here ya go:

"Peers & Subscribers,

On January 14th 2010 at 6:15 PM "igorfrankenstein channel" you were subscribed to used to have 2,800+ subscribers, 496+ uploaded videos with 82,967 channel views and total of 1,496,745 video views...Without any warning igorfrankenstein account was suspended at 8:00 PM on that day. YT DID NOT RESPOND YET on our numerous requests to support@youtube.com about the reasons of account termination. We have some clues and hints as why it happened, since it used to be a common thing to receive some negative emails from the fractions of YT users who disliked some views in presented video material. At given moment its extremely difficult to deal with YT support, since there is no phone number to call YT SUPPORT or to use levels of tech support elevation, except - to go to YT headquarters in San Bruno, and to talk to administration. Currently we don't know if it possible to win any "discussion" with YT administration for the reason of... at least minimal understanding why channel was suspended... but life is going on and we are trying to restore content on a backup channel igorfrankenstein2 (IGORFRANKENSTEIN II)...

It seems to us that certain "forces" are at play on YouTube...We never could imagine that YT would suspend educational channel that existed since January 2007, but it did happen without any "logical" reason... (oh reason?), - preliminary warning, email, notification, etc...Instead of working on new video presentations with addition of our comments for them and English subtitles on numerous video footages, we will try to rebuild completely channel's content. In addition to the mentioned above events our backup server mysteriously went down in DATACENTER on the same date of January 14th at 11:45 PM and it takes some effort to restore channels content from backup tapes...

In meanwhile...our sincere apologies to all former 2,800+ subscribers and also invitation to re-subscribe to the backup channel igorfrankenstein2 on YT.

We promise all former and new subscribers to rebuild content to the state it used to be with addition of completely new material

Thank you for who you are, and for your time


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PostSubject: Re: youtube whistleblower   Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:19 pm

The crap going on never seems to stop... oopsb
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youtube whistleblower
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