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 Dr. Paul D. Craven

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PostSubject: Dr. Paul D. Craven   Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:45 am

During my own research into Australian involvement in projects which are better known as Black projects I happened across Dr Paul D Craven.

I say happend as I came across a document from the physics dept in Sydney which made mention of a company called Gravitec. There seem to be two gravitec's one known as Gravitec based in New Zealand and Gravitytec,inc.

First lets look at where Dr Paul worked:

He checks out it would seem ;)


Quote :
Dr. Craven received the B. S. degree from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in 1967. He has received an M.S. and Ph. D. degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, earning the Ph. D. Degree in December of 1993.

After joining the Magnetospheric Branch in the Space Science Laboratory, Mr. Craven participated in the analysis of data from the Light Ion Mass Spectrometer on the SCATHA satellite, helping to provide temperature and density characteristics for the low energy ions in the plasmasphere and plasma trough. He has been involved in the analysis of the Retarding Ion Mass Spectrometer (RIMS) data on the Dynamics Explorer 1 satellite and also with statistical studies using the data from RIMS. He has conducted a survey of the temperatures obtained from DE1 / RIMS, characterizing their behavior based on solar and geomagnetic activity, and completed an extensive survey of N+ in the inner magnetosphere based on the DE1 / RIMS and AE data. He has participated extensively in developing methods for computerizing the reduction of the large database from RIMS to temperature and density values for each ion. He is participating in the development of an empirical model of the total density of plasmaspheric plasma and in studies of the plasmaspheric ion and electron temperature. He has, in the past, had a variety of responsibilities concerning collection and analysis of data for overall models. His experience prior to joining the Magnetospheric Branch in this respect involved a photographic based study of contamination on Apollo 15 and a study of comet Kohoutek.

NOW check out how The Real science is suprresed

"Electric Propulsion Study" by Dr. D. L. Cravens


Is this author the same person with a change in his initials? if so it sure does explains how projects of scientific merit recieve no funding. Even if not the same person, it still explains how there is very little funding for research into that area..aka suppression of sound ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Paul D. Craven   Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:13 pm

That is why you will always get an A+++ from me Soma because you keep on digging, researching, putting the puzzle together no matter how long it takes, as does all our wonderful members anyway.

But a good find S, way good. The only thing I pick up IMHO reading this is that most money and there is a lot but just hidden are for the hidden projects, covert projects and agencies, they have mega money to do what they want and the poor real PhDs etc in the so called real world get bugger all, excuse my Oz expression there guys, but they do. If the ordinary guys working away in their labs got a fraction of what the coverts got us mushrooms would be flying around in our vehicles in clean air. Too tired to put an angry icon up but I am angry.
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Paul D. Craven   Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:35 pm

Me too biggs. Great report Soma.
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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Paul D. Craven   

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Dr. Paul D. Craven
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