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 I was exploring an old yahoo group, SpiritualPrep2012.. and thought ....

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stephen Podliska
stephen Podliska

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PostSubject: I was exploring an old yahoo group, SpiritualPrep2012.. and thought ....   Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:17 pm

In my own personal interests in exploring LUCID dreaming again ... to see how these LUCID dreaming IDEALS may ALSO apply to the REALITY world I am experiencing......

I came accross this "facinating to me" CHRIST RETURNS infomation related to an the yahoo GROUP SpiritualPrep2012 which I used to be more active at, yet have not explored them for some time ....

ANYWHO... here is some interesting stuff that may or may not be of interest to anyone...

...( I still LOVE to LOOK at CHRIST's LIFE yet have a preference for making use of Edgar Cayce's perspectives and the book the ESSANCE's perspectives on CHRIST's LIFE in addition to JUST using the BIBLE alone to prevent any "final conclusions on such possible teachings" from being used since language translations and authentisity may always be somewhat suspect for EXACT conclusions and such when using the BIBLE alone for such..)...

ANYWHO... CHRIST's LIFE is still very important to me... and the below is "more in accord" with CHRIST being more like US with the SAME spiritual interests that WE ALL HAVE :)
.. (even the freind of mine who said he has MEMORIES of BEING CHRIST... said the same thing over and over again to me... I wish people would treat Jesus as being more like themselves!!)..

I have not yet explored at much details the WEBSITE associated with this... but it looks to be possibly very RELAVANT to SOME of OUR OWN INTERENTS, I.E. The intentions of the site is thus: I have come as I came long ago - to show you how to liberate yourselves from the travails of your existence. ... (which SOUNDS GOOD... thus far).... sunny


The Complete CHRIST’S LETTERS can be found at:

LETTER 1 p. 11-13

It is important to understand my true origins and my early youthful characteristics because these were the goads which pushed and prodded me into eventual Christhood.

What I most strongly detested and resisted was the misery - the sickness and poverty - I saw around me.

It infuriated me - and I became passionately, vociferously angry to see people dressed in rags, thin and hungry, diseased, crippled, yet heartlessly browbeaten by Jewish leaders who burdened them with meaningless traditional laws and observances, threatening them with Jehovah’s punishment if they did not obey. I declared to all who would listen to me that these poor people had enough to bear without being crushed by senseless measures restrictive of pleasure. What was the point of life at all if we were not born to be happy?

I refused to believe in a ‘just’ God according to Jewish traditions. The biblical prophetic warnings of Jehovah’s ‘judgement and anger’ against people, disgusted me. People were human, after all, doing whatever their human natures prompted them to do. They had been born sinful - so why should they be judged and condemned to lives of suffering and poverty because they had broken the Ten Commandments? Where was he sense in such statements?
To me, this Jewish belief depicted an illogical, cruel "God", and I wanted nothing to do with "Him".

It seemed to me that if such a ‘deity’ existed, it followed that mankind was doomed to eternal misery.

The simplicity and freedom I found on the hillsides, the plains, the lakes and the mountains, refreshed my inmost spirit and quietened my angry murmuring against the Jewish God. Consequently, I refused to believe a word that the Jewish Elders tried to teach me.

However, during my middle twenties, a new line of questioning took possession of my thoughts. As I walked ever more frequently alone in the hills, my rebellion was gradually replaced by an all-consuming longing to know and understand the true nature of THAT which must surely inspire and respire through creation.

I reviewed my lifestyle and saw what suffering my actions had caused my mother and many other people. Although I felt such deep compassion for the weak and suffering, my rebellious nature had prompted much thoughtless and selfish behaviour towards my family. My underlying love for them now welled up in me and I found myself becoming equally rebellious against my past behaviour. I heard talk about John the Baptist and the work he was doing amongst the Jews who came to listen to his words even from Jerusalem. I decided to visit him to be baptised myself.

On my way to the River Jordan, I felt exhilarated at the prospect of being baptised and starting a new life. ,,,,,,


When I entered the water in the River Jordan to be baptised by John, I expected to feel nothing more than relief that I had, for once, taken a positive step in reforming my behaviour. I expected to feel a new determination to go home and astonish my mother and neighbours with my new kindly attitudes towards them.

What really happened when John baptised me was an experience completely different to anything I had ever thought possible.

I felt a great wave of tremendous energy surge through my body. I was literally stunned by it. As I staggered out of the river, I felt myself elevated in consciousness in a most extraordinary way. A great inflow of glowing happiness uplifted me to a state of ecstasy. I was enraptured and aware of a great Light.

Stumbling, I moved away from the river and walked and walked, not knowing where I was going. I continued on, unseeingly, into the desert.

Please note! MY SIX WEEKS IN THE DESERT were a time of total inner cleansing of my human consciousness. Old attitudes, beliefs and prejudices were dissolved.

The time has come for me to share with receptive people all that I felt, ‘saw’, realised and understood during my time of highest illumination in the desert......

LETTER 5 p. 4

Exactly as 2000 years before, I have now come through the medium of these Letters to lay the foundation for future spiritual evolution during the next millennium. Your spiritual development can only arise out of your deeper perceptions and understanding of the nature of existence and of.... ‘THAT’.... WHICH BROUGHT YOU INTO BEING.

For what you clearly perceive creates the conditions under which you live.
Because you have not understood your true spiritual origins, humankind is continually embroiled in wars and has spawned earthly conditions which are both a disgrace to human consciousness and a source of human suffering of every kind.

For this reason, I am SENDING - RADIATING - THE FULL POWER OF MY CHRISTHOOD CONSCIOUSNESS to bring the TRUTH of EXISTENCE to you in the kind of modern understandable terminology to enable you to construct a new consciousness and realisation ‘of Truth as it really is’ - rather than allow you to continue adhering to those false beliefs you have been taught, or have been brought to you by tradition.

With usage and understanding, the terminology will come to arouse in you the same - or more - reverence and love and spiritual insight as you previously felt when using the word ‘God’. Loaded with universal meaning the more appropriate terminology will eventually fill you with spiritual power when you use and visualise the meaning of the words.

I am here to tell you that when you have purified your consciousness of the gross human thoughts and feelings pertaining to the ego-drive,
and persevere in meditation and a lifting up of your consciousness to the Universal, you will begin to feel the spiritual power invading your mind and eventually your whole body. Therefore, my teachings are exclusively directed at assisting you to open your consciousness to newness of life, vitality and spiritual power that you may abandon your old way of limited and dis-satisfied living and find a new source of inner joy and fulfilment of your every need.
Think about this statement. I have not brought you any ‘should’s’ or ‘should nots’ or frustrating restrictions you, yourselves, do not want to impose on yourselves. I have certainly come to tell you how your ‘consciousness forms’ have life within them and eventually manifest in your world but I leave it to your good sense to choose the healthy thoughts, the loving actions, and the right path leading to joy and fulfilment when you realise the true nature of creation.

I have also come with the full force of my Christ Power to help you realise that there are no barriers between you and.... ‘THAT’.... WHICH BROUGHT YOU INTO BEING - only those you have created yourselves through ignorance of the Laws of Existence.

I have come to help you remove the barriers by enlightening your present ignorance and teaching you how to open your consciousness - your entire being - to the inflow of THAT WHICH BROUGHT YOU INTO BEING.

Therefore, I REPEAT: in the final analysis, my teachings are exclusively directed at assisting you to open your consciousness to newness of life, vitality and spiritual power that you may abandon your old way of limited and dis-satisfied living and find a new source of inner joy and fulfilment of your every need. I long for you with Divine Love to reach this supreme state of being before you pass into the next dimension, that your passing may be painless and your transition one of sublime anticipation.

This is the sole motivating purpose behind the Letters.
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PostSubject: Re: I was exploring an old yahoo group, SpiritualPrep2012.. and thought ....   Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:23 pm

Thank you for sharing this. My thoughts have been wandering and I needed to view this. I have bookmarked it to follow up on
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I was exploring an old yahoo group, SpiritualPrep2012.. and thought ....
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