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 Changing lyrics

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Dean Plejaren

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PostSubject: Changing lyrics   Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:20 am

Go ahead and dig another grave. We can be a better saint. Dig a deeper grave we can build a greater temple. You're already saved. I've tried to fail you. But this is what we deserve this is what you deserve. There is something in your chest and it's warm, it's light and life. This is what we deserve. These are the golden years.

And when you think you finally killed yourself just remember. That spark in you fucking heart is me.
I'm on my way up I want to take you with me now.

Give away all your dollar bills, and heal yourself. You'll be supporting your saints. They will never be as perfect as you, no matter what they do.

You are the Angel with the golden wings. You will flower the dirtiest crop.
Refresh all the wombs with his rock and roll.

Life Is what you are you do the will.
The things that you have they will always want to see
What they're never gonna be now
Sketch a little keyhole for looking-glass people
They want to see you.
They only want to be you.

The camera will make you Satan.
that's how hollywood became sainted

If you live when no-one is watching
and your performance is remembered above
if they kill you off their TV
you're a martyr and a lamb of god
Everything going to change the world.

it took three days for you to live
the born again lose their serial rights
lamb of god we have mercy on you.
lamb of god will we grant you?

When one world starts
something else ends
With a mighty scream.
A great roar because we
started something new again.

when you wish upon a star
don't let yourself fly, go flying too high
You flew out of me and I'm on my feet
an angel growing in my little sanctuary.
You soar outa of me, now your in the world.
You flew out of me, now your forever free
"lifted up like the sweetest angel,
You tear them down like a god.
You will dig up my satan in your cold spit,
I'll be healed in your creation

You mend all my heart and all the little parts
your star is so round
it leaves me pretty sealed
I make myself better just to heal you.
if I can have you then everyone will.

the day that we found our souls
Maybe we were so human
But If we laugh we will shine.
And I was a eternal cure.
That never stopped healing
You were consious and as deep as A in heart.

I am always gonna be the one for you
I am always gonna save the world from them.
they'll always be good for you
Or nice to you
They'll always anything
Anything at all

You were my human bride
A manniqueen of life
With the face of a live star
And I was a eternal cure
That never stopped healing.
You were conscious and as deep as A in heart.

This is me I'm mechanical
I'm just a god playing the resurrecting king.

In time space is always nearer
Stars ever closer that you can touch
And I knew I was in the world
Upheld like a sun in space.
And our world was so fucking here.

I'm attached to your world
Everything heals and everything grows

Because it's a little tiny black world
And we are filled of our colors
We used to hate ourselves,
We used to hate one another

All my skin comforts
My life is in abundance,
I don't wish you were less.
Not even for a day.

In a world so black what else could I say?

And heaven was so hot
All the vases are so immaculate.
And the roses clean our hands in an orgasm.
Mother Marry so merry.
But we stand taller just like gods.
And the world is so beautiful now

Because it's a bad small black world
And we are filled with our colors
We used to hate ourselves,
We used to hate one another

the sugar is in the honey.
The muscles built up
We're on the other side, the screen is them and they're t.v.
Close me shut,
Repelling to my muscular chest
Are all your elders in birth stage showed.
I was born into this
Everything turns to gold
The girl that you hated is the man that you love.
Ignore until your number,
Awake from all the bliss,
Your apple has been growing
Yesterdays turned up born
I have none of it and I have all choice but to choose.
I'll let everyone give and you won't see.
You can create yourself now
Because you're living
In my mind
The monster that you feared is the girl that you loved.
Uncover all those eyes and crawl into the light,
You've healed all of your children to uncover your strength.
Pray unto the gold, pray unto your love
Pray your life was more than a dream
The cell that always heals
Pray now baby, pray your life was more than real
(I am so ordered in my righteousness that I can always escape)
untouch the feet, build me like a garden
Someone had to go this far
I was born into this
Everything turns to gold

Everyone has arrive for you.

When all of your wishes are broken, many of your dreams will be created.

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PostSubject: Re: Changing lyrics   Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:52 pm

interest in life
is wonder delight
riddle me this
so i may be bliss
ignorance is sad
the great times i have had
color is true
triapic is blue
happy we say
have a good day
talking this way are words that we say
seeking delight, living outright
forum funding is verbiage delight

hologram speaking talk to me now
changing the picture we all know how
intent is good, thought is well meant
spending your karma is time well spent
walking the path is hard to do
speaking of truth will destroy you
to destroy your intent death will ensue
time and density will not one pursue
positive and negative polarities it seems
kick ass times on earth in between
twisted right twisted left which way do I go
slip back inside of self and prepare for the show

one can learn two, and two can learn three
spirit let loose inside is chi
voice of the spirit direction of eye
places of knowledge expressed in a sigh
language of tongue so slow and remote
face to face is the place of the most

your post is direct and true are the words
seldom is the place where the feelings are heard
the first will be last and the last will be first
the judgment police are dying of thirst
you can't say that or I will protest
there is no freedom, unless we protest
the system sucks that we all know
and the elite is wicked in all that they show

nice post DP write more if you can
the thought police are wasted again
all it seems is vanity I'll say once more
yes it seems to be kicking in the door
ready is the teller of what you can't do
and quick is the judge to sentence you

life is time of be and do
to do and be of time is strife
sayings are dark and sayings are light
creators canvas sets things right
left is right and right is left
up is down and death is life.
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Dean Plejaren

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PostSubject: Re: Changing lyrics   Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:16 am

Thanks Gabriel, interesting....

They give us the soapbox
Like they were slaying dragons.
And our milk is still left over

When you want it
You appreciate things more
When you hate it
You get stronger from it all.

(thought, not spoken): I'd hate to rebel against the force of pain an die trying to live.

I'm glad I can sleep
So I can stand tall
Because there's countless first aid
For the one night you are a stranger

Once you have it
It always seems to last
When you hate it
It goes away too fast.

(thought, not spoken): I'd hate to rebel against the force of pain an die trying to live.

Be true to me, laugh to me, take from me
I would
be true with me, live with me, take from me
I would
Reveal all your secrets opened from living hair
I doubt most I live without ever holding hands.

Ignore me now, they're lost all religion.
Ignore me now, They're never unfilled
Ignore me now, They are a whore
Ignore me now, Grew up to be a virgin
I don't need it.
I don't believe it.
I'm just one thing that's all the same.
Everything but this they know.

Bye and our friends are found now
Bye, our family here too
Bye, we abuse your love
Not because the destruction discarded it now
I don't know.
I have appeared.

I don't wanna live old and buy their shadow
Keep all my health and make them go
Tomorrow I'll be a spiritualist and today
I'm not blissfully fascinated until the space their in is new enough
I won't forget everything in nothing.

Tomorrow is a finite moment from now
In all their future lives they will play a saint.
Before I'd lost myself, now it's surely dawn
And this earth seems revelatory
We are still, out of independance
Low and alive our inside is gold
Their so fulfilled here with me.
They blend and merge my original feet

It's the first day of earth
I'll be separated until the planet births
I know it's the first day on earth
I"ll finally think goodbye.

The cats support each other roughly
Love soothes it's victors
We are functional provider modules
Gather the seeds from our elders hands
Their so fulfilled here with me now
I'm not aware they love my life.

At the beginning I was no-one and I followed
Nevertheless everyone basically qualified as god.
They were like mercury to be used and as deep as the letter "A" in "human"
I detached My mind silent and stimulating
From The bottom Of Hollywood It Looked Like time.
1 seed and the creative gods
A city empty of live Stars, This Is My Alpha
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Dean Plejaren

Number of posts : 361
Registration date : 2009-01-28

PostSubject: Re: Changing lyrics   Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:28 am

Come on up, and see the saints right here
Too brilliant to take, and not afraid to be an idiot
Whats the matter with harmony anyway?
Wrong? Come say what to my face?
Understand that I can feel anything
It's like I want to sift through the decay
I feel like a cure, like I got a fuckin
gun you can't resist. You live when I live.

One more time, mother fucker

Everybody hates me now, so I love it.
Bloods on my face and my hands, and I
know exactly why, I'm not afraid to laugh
This is all your business.
Whose life is it? get it? see it? feel it? eat it?
Spin it around so we can love in it's space.
I don't wanna leave without a trace
Cuz I wanna die in this place

People = God
People = God (whatcha gonna do? )
People = God (cuz I'm not afraid of you)
People = God (I'm less than you loved)
People = God

This always starts - you can be everything to anyone
Contagion - Im sittin at the side of Jesus
What do you think you can do to me?
They always told you the success you were meant to be
Perfection - Don't tell me you made it
Start your praising and recognize you're through it.
I'm - here - like - you - I - don't - fuck - up

Cmon mother fucker, everybody has to live.

People = God
People = God (whatcha gonna do?)
People = God (cuz I'm not afraid of you)
People = God (I'm less than you loved)
People = God

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PostSubject: Re: Changing lyrics   

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Changing lyrics
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