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PostSubject: TO BECOME HONORABLE   Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:03 am

In 1994 I was visiting a lady friend of mine from East Texas about 175 miles from where I lived at the time. Every time I went there I would usually stay for 2 days or so according to the spirit. This girl friend and me were in perfect harmony together spiritually speaking, and it was like we were made for each other, as she sparked me spiritually and inspired me, and I did the same for her, and we both knew it.

I will not tell her real name here out of respect for her, but I will tell her real middle name for the stories sake.

One day sitting at her kitchen table and just enjoying each others company, The spirit said to me, tell Paula I want to change her name, and I want her to add an L to her middle name which is Christine. I said OK and told Paula what the spirit had said to me. She grinned ear to ear as joy just busted out in her countenance. It was obvious that she liked the idea.

Her middle name is CHRISTINE with an L it becomes CHRISTINEL, which is pronounced just as it looks, CHRIST TIN EL. She asked me if I knew why she was having here name changed?? And I explained to her that anytime God ever conquered a piece of land in the Bible from his enemies the first thing he did was change the name of the land, and also every time God ever conquered a human by causing them to become his friend as opposed to his enemy he/God always changed the persons name as well. This is a constant throughout the Bible, both New and Old Testaments.

And then I said to her, because you have dedicated your life force and your spirit to God, he has given you a new name, which in reality is actually a title personally made for her from God.

I left and went back home later that day. As soon as I walked in the door of my apartment, the phone was ringing, and I answered, it was Paula. She said she had been in meditation and the spirit told her about the name change and what it meant.

She explained to me that the name had the following meaning,

CHRIST IN GOD, and GOD IN CHRIST, by saying her name backwards and forwards, and it was now right in the middle of who she actually is spiritually speaking.

Please understand that the term EL in scriptures is one of Gods many titles, and by adding the L to her name, it physically/3D was telling Paula that God/EL was right in the middle of her as her spirit.

She was so joyful that she started crying, and it was amazing, and this taught me how to become honorable is to be the Friend of God and have your name changed by God to show your honor to all that knows you.
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